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Inside the Big Top!

What does Mierna see when she peers in at the back of the large circus tent? Probably something like this, but with more activity and lights.

Created using Blender 2.83. It is a free program for anyone to download for both personal or business. Just go to and download their latest version.

I have really enjoyed using this program. It has helped so much with art, mainly with faces and background images. I used to despise drawing buildings because perspective was always an issue and it was hard to create different angles without having a good reference. Now I can make my own reference material. The rendered results are just about as good as movie or game quality. Put those in your favorite editing programs and you’ve got yourself an original work of art!

Wisdom Realism

I suppose if Wisdom was placed in a movie, this is as close as I can get using Blender 2.8 and Photoshop.

Ambassador Wisdom

Look at that sweet face! I finally get a decent looking portrait for Wisdom using a combination of Blender 2.8 for face sculpting and then repainting the features with Photoshop and ProCreate.

It’s definitely still very stylized looking, but I’m okay with that as a fictional character. This helps a lot for the comic and future illustrations where I need a good reference that can be rotated 360 degrees.

Mierna – 3D Model

For drawing purposes, this is perfect to get the basic shape down and go from there. She’s not rigged to move, so the imagination will have to fill in the gaps.

Come One, Come All

A combination of both Blender 2.8 and Photoshop. It still needs some fun circus decorations and some stringed lights around the entrance, among various other props. But I like how this is turning out.

The tow in the back is too high. That needs to go because the town is located more in front of the tent, not behind. It would more than likely show corn fields in the background.

Port of Mayla

Blender 2.8 Town Model

Decided the easy way to draw a town in every upcoming panel in the “Nina” comic is to 3D design one. Time saver!

Bio Update

Don’t you hate it when you go back to check a website and some links aren’t working anymore? Things are constantly changing. Sites change. Data changes. Updates are made. All of a sudden…


Yup. That’s what happened. I got rid of a site and once I did, everything connected to it broke. Luckily, it was only a few links to fix. But I did end up making a new site for my ForeseerProductions commission page – see previous post.

And now the Bio Page, which I decided to use the same website to set up. Originally, I had everything on separate sites, using two different WordPress locations. One was on and the other was through But for some reason the one off of godaddy decided my server wasn’t updated enough to use it. So all my pages basically vanished!

That was crazeeeee, because I had a nice little site set up. Practically useless, though, as no one ever used it. So I just decided to rewrite the bio and set up a section using And it looks great!

New Commission Site

Revamped my old commission site and moved it from wordpress over to Wix. Looking snazzy!


Book Cover Progress

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