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Journey Review

I had heard good things about this game, and finally got a chance to play once I received a PS4 system. I was not disappointed in the least.

Your journey starts out as a robed figure wandering the hot desert, always going towards a towering mountain looming in the background. As you uncover the puzzles of your surroundings, you’re accompanied by another of your kind. I’ve played the game twice, and so far have seen the normal red like me.. and then a white robed figure. Either way, you choose whether you want them to come with you or journey alone.

The game has a lot of surprises waiting for the player. I thoroughly enjoyed sliding down the dunes in one section, and then hiding from mechanical monsters in the next. It’s those elements that keep it entertaining, even though the game is short.

The ending is both satisfying and personal. I feel every time you play there’s a different interpretation waiting for the next playthrough. I think it took a couple of plays to understand the meaning of all the symbols appearing on the wall when you reach certain points. I was glad to see there was a different in the symbols if you travel alone or play with your companion.


Overall, would recommend to everyone. It’s well worth a look and time. And the music is excellent!


Updated Main Website

I added a little falling snow and updated the front image when you visit the Wisdom Novels® website. Now you can play with the snow by moving your mouse around the page and watch as it changes direction.

Comic Update

Started adding a bit of scenery in the background…

Only the Beginning

Featuring a rising Twitch cellist, ZanB plays by ear to the opening of “Only the Beginning” and nails it! Be sure to catch his streams Mon, Wed, Fri, and Sat (possible Sun).

I think the ending surprised him. It goes into another section that I had not completed yet. Soon, though.  I’d like to hear what happens if he played the entire thing!

Chapter Snippet

Nickademis grit his teeth. “Nevermind Everest! Where’s a magic-user when you need one?” He took a deep breath. With night fast approaching, they barely had enough light to see the outskirts of the forest, let alone walk into one. “Alright. Phine, have that vial ready. Either we do this now or wait for better lighting.” Snatching a good-sized branch laying at his feet, he held the pointed end out in front of him.

Nemmerel kept a dagger in his grip while they started in. “Mididus can’t afford to wait!”

“Do we have a plan?” Phine inquired. “Or are we just marching into a blanket of death?”

“I’m open to suggestions.”

“You know, when I was at sea, creatures had a tendency to come around loud noises. Make a lot of splashing and…well, you guess the rest.”

The men paused and stared at him in question.

“What are you trying to say?”

“What if all Mididus needs is a moment to escape? Assuming he’s still alive, maybe if we draw its’ attention, that will give him enough time to get away.”

“Assuming we survive after we gain that attention, huh?” Nickademis glanced at the thick branch he held, then slammed it up against the closest tree. A loud smack projected around them.

Nemmeral scrambled for something to throw and discovered some stones halfway buried in the dirt.

“Get behind us with that vial in case it charges,” the doctor commanded. “And if you’re right, it will….”

A ruckus of wacking branches and tossed stones rolling over dry leaves, followed by whistles and shouts resonated within the trees. It did not take long for their efforts to work. An agitated growl soon answered.

“How many sisters did she say lived here?” Phine asked.

“Two, I think!” Nemmerel said. “But one is enough!”

Nickademis held up a hand to stop Nemmerel from throwing. His last stone disappeared into the shadows. They heard something rummaging through the leaves where it had landed before it suddenly flew back at them. It missed Nemmerel’s head and cracked alongside the side of Phine’s tree instead. A good-sized chunk of bark tore off at the impact.

ABZÛ Game Review

See the source image

ABZÛ is a beautifully designed game for the underwater adventurer. If you like short games that you’d prefer to go back and play within two hours, this is it! I was able to explore this last night and couldn’t stop playing!

When the game opens, you are introduced to a small diver in the middle of an open body of water. You experience how to control your character and quickly move to the next stage. The puzzles are quite easy, but are not the main focus of gameplay. Detail within the types of sea life and the beautiful soundtrack made this a relaxing gameplay. 

See the source image

The game actually was released back in 2016, by Giant Squid Studios. According to their website: “The story of ABZÛ is a universal myth that resonates across cultures. The name references a concept from the oldest mythologies; it is the combination of the two ancient words AB, meaning ocean, and ZÛ, meaning to know. ABZÛ is the ocean of wisdom.”

See the source image

The game is currently being offered on different platforms, so be sure to check out this beautifully designed game. Will definitely play again!

Cow Pasture

Finished commission. First time drawing cows.

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