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Chapter Opening

The next chapter in No’va… it’s time to start moving out!


Jenario tightened a cord around his packs while whistling a jolly tune. He glanced over to see some of the other members already finished, their sleeping bags rolled and tents propped up against pots still cooling from the morning’s breakfast – leftover stew. Meat came in various forms, since their Trapper had to wander farther each time to look. Mostly, it was whatever he could scavenge from the last Black Wing scraps. So far, no one had found their way across an active hunting path, though Black Wing calls could be heard from anywhere, not to mention the hefty number of feathers left behind. It was a wonder one could fetch any amount of meat from the pile of blood-soaked plumes covering it, as though it was a way to ward off any other trying to grab the remains.

Pushing all other thoughts aside, Jenario focused on the day’s new course of action – moving. If all went well, then everyone would leave the clearing within a day or so. The plan, however, was still in the works, as noted by a message scribbled out on parchment in Shafari’s sloppy handwriting.

Good luck writing your own spells! He chuckled to himself. It’s barely legible now. Jenario had seen how complicated formulas could get just while working with medicines. He could only imagine how delicate it could become with spell-crafting. If the formula was off, even slightly, disaster was its only outcome. He did not even want to consider the possibilities of mispronouncing a word. None of us possess the ability to see the effects of magic beforehand. And with Tia now just accepting it, it’s too risky to try again. At least, not the way William did it. I need to practice my alchemy. The unicorn said I would get better. So I need to try!

There came a tug on his pants, and Jenario looked down to find his son grinning from ear to ear. In play, Abraham bounded away to his mother, who was also packing up her belongings. The boy’s cheerful laughter livened the mood from those around, who followed his wobbly movements as he dashed back to his father’s side. When Abraham dived belly-first into his sleeping bag, Jenario pretended to roll him up with the blankets.

“You’re a mess,” he heard Tia say amidst his son’s squeals of delight. “So what did the note say, if you can decipher anything from a magic-user?”

Debating Background

I wish I had a gold marker so gears could have a nice shine to it. I have a liquid chrome pen, but there doesn’t seem to be any liquid gold pens that I’m aware of. I just see some gold leafing pens. That might work.


Harpy Size Comarison

I painted this a while back as a way to show the different Wing sizes compared to humans. White Wings were relatively close in size to a full grown human. But it’s the Black Wings that keeps all races on guard due to their humongous size and large appetites.

The one exception to this is half-breed Black Wings, who drop in size. Still, watch those wings! They hurt!


House Cats Find Things

This is the main reason why I like a house cat. They find things. Things that creep, crawl, and even fly. Funny how you can walk right by stuff like that and never notice until someone else is looking at it first. I’m watching her eyes the whole time to see why she’s looking at the lamp so hard. My eyes trail to the cobwebs silently wavering with dust caked over them, making them so obviously known that at first I thought she was watching that. Nope. I was a little too close for comfort when I finally realize that black protrusion sitting slightly around the shade was a hornet.

Dern.. I grab a flyswatter, hit it once. It wasn’t enough because it could still fly around the lamp. Luckily, it wasn’t aggressive, just huge!!! But it did try to make itself bigger by raising its legs and standing up every time the flyswatter came near. Impressive, but still…it had to go!

In the end, it met its match. No cat was harmed in the making.




Adding Color


Finished LineART

Finished LineART w/ sample color pallet. I’m still planning to color this traditionally.


LineART Update

Started the inking process. I’d like to look at references for the crystals. For right now, I’ll just leave them as outlines.