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Port of Mayla

Blender 2.8 Town Model

Decided the easy way to draw a town in every upcoming panel in the “Nina” comic is to 3D design one. Time saver!

Bio Update

Don’t you hate it when you go back to check a website and some links aren’t working anymore? Things are constantly changing. Sites change. Data changes. Updates are made. All of a sudden…


Yup. That’s what happened. I got rid of a site and once I did, everything connected to it broke. Luckily, it was only a few links to fix. But I did end up making a new site for my ForeseerProductions commission page – see previous post.

And now the Bio Page, which I decided to use the same website to set up. Originally, I had everything on separate sites, using two different WordPress locations. One was on and the other was through But for some reason the one off of godaddy decided my server wasn’t updated enough to use it. So all my pages basically vanished!

That was crazeeeee, because I had a nice little site set up. Practically useless, though, as no one ever used it. So I just decided to rewrite the bio and set up a section using And it looks great!

New Commission Site

Revamped my old commission site and moved it from wordpress over to Wix. Looking snazzy!


Book Cover Progress

Into the Storm

Progress piece for the latest Mierna book illustration. This is from the beginning story scene when Thistle escapes his stall and runs toward the circus.

Pony and rain painted in Photosop. Background painted in ProCreate.

Chapter Snippet

From No’va, Book IV in Wisdom Novels® series.

Jenario nudged his horse out from the trees. The open landscape was a reprieve from the looming shadows. As the heavy-set horse stepped through the tall grass, it lifted its head and tail high like the young stallion it used to be in attempts to prance across the field. Its deep blue roan coat stood out against its lighter surroundings, and with its rider atop, they appeared as one being in the newly morning light.

The lightened load of a single person sitting on its back was nothing compared to its daily work of heavy lifting and hauling building supplies. This livened its steps even more. It was something different for them both. With Jenario used to walking everywhere, it felt strange having to carried. It was also louder than expected. There was a constant creak of leather saddle in need of oiling. It had seen better days but stayed in place when its girth was tightened. Jenario kept mulling over the ingredients he intended to search for and allowed himself to bounce along a while before reigning it to a halt. There came a snort of disappointment as it pawed at the ground to continue.

“Hold on, big fella.” Jenario patted its bulky neck. “Give it just a moment, then you can fly like the wind.”

“Or like me!” Everest shot through the trees and up into the sky, giving the horse a slight spook. 

“Easy! Whoa there!” The young man tried to stay in control while his mount sidestepped away from the incoming harpy. “Guess fully seeing you is different out in the open.”

Everest landed with a thud, tossing several grassy stems aside in the process. She waited until the horse had calmed before approaching. Still, its wide-eyed gaze never let her from its sight.

“Would make a decent meal, this one.” She licked her lips and gazed over its thick haunches. Still, she was aware that a well-placed kick could easily damage someone of her size. “My sisters could easily take something this large. Lucky for you, I cannot.”

“Should I have left him back at the city, then?” Jenario teased and patted the horse again, receiving a nicker when it finally stopped prancing in place. “Besides, I promised Tia I’d return before sunset. Having a ride is easier.”

“You’ve still half a day’s journey ahead of you.” Everest reminded. “Flight is far better.”

“If I had wings, or else I’d give you my bags to fill. But then you wouldn’t know what to look for.” A sigh. “Guess you’ll get there before me.”

“Care to test that?” Everest spread her wings and kicked off the ground to get some leverage off the grass. There was just enough room to get half a downstroke, and soon she was circling above.

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