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Portrait Practice

Feel free to check out these fabulous Twitch musicians:

See Trevor’s stream:
See Jonny’s stream:



See clip of fun video while drawing:

Introducing Everest

Everest, mother of the half-breed Black Wing Corrigan from Blue Moon Rising Trilogy.

I’m considering introducing her into the prelude as a teenage fledgling. That being said, it’s time to come up with some background for her.


Everest – painted several years ago.

When we first meet Everest, she’s basically been converted into “human” by plucked facial feathers and cut wings. Now, we must see what she was like as a youngster and her chance meeting with the human kind.

In the chapter I’m currently writing, a few of the humans are traveling south. Within the group is the Healer Windchester, the doctor Nickademis, Mr. Phine (yes, we get to see his younger years!) and a couple of random others. They’ve just settled in for the night in a field of tall grass, which Windchester has made a path through by manipulating Nature.

While the path he’s created stretches all the way to the borders of Trully, it opens a way for something to start following back their way. That something was going to be a Black Wing. I never guessed it might be Everest until recently.

But now that I think about it, it makes sense.

Background Concept
Everest was born with a crippled wing and was soon rejected by her mother. However, the fledgling is determined to survive and eventually learns to glide, as her climbing skills are not affected in the least. The muscles stretching from shoulder down the back never fully developed, so she lacks the strength to fully lift the wing.

Black Wings are built for strength and size, but due to Everest’s disability, finding the proper food “stunted” her normal growth. She will only ever be the size of the human when fully grown. Still, she can use her wings for other purposes, such as shielding from rain and sun, keeping warm at night, and camouflage within the shadows.

The recently created path through the tall grass is quite interesting… and so she decides to follow it…


Everest – first attempted sketch from several years ago.

Nasus Portrait Complete

From League of Legends


A Portrait of Perfection

I discovered Lara streaming on Twitch – wonderful pianist. You can check her stream out here:

Currently a work in progress…


Master of Piano

I should be busy writing. Instead, I’ve enjoyed meeting other creative people through Twitch, including this young pianist named Jonathan Ong. So for face practice, I decided to try this portrait. His orange jacket has become an icon on his Twitch channel, which you can view here:

You can watch the LIVE version while I worked on it here:

I tend to stream Tuesdays and Thursdays in the evening and Saturday mornings. This week has seen quite many streams off schedule so I may not make my usual time tomorrow (Sat).



Art Dump


Yuri vs Wisdom

When I start into book 5, and Wisdom meets all three elemental masters, I thought of a concept concerning the Master of Water… Yuri. I imagine how he might react to this “underling” supposely chosen by Nature to respresent them. However, Yuri is not one to easily follow the orders of another, especially one who’s only seen two decades of existence.

What I think might ensue is Yuri constantly picking on Wisdom. Or at least make it seem like he’s doing so. Things such as holding his katana out at the right moment to trip him, or using his element to randomly splash or toss him about. All these things combined infuriates Wisdom, but out of respect he doesn’t try to challenge the Master. It’s not until he’s given a hint to learn from this Samurai warrior and return the challenge that Yuri starts to reciprocate the respect.

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