A while back I posted a character concept for Miranda Hennings. Miranda comes from Astra, but so does another who makes her journey possible into the land of No’va.

Cassundra Mayze works for the Hennings family but only as messanger girl between the surrounding villages. When she’s approached by Miranda’s father, he promises her a better life if she agrees to be his mistress. Cassundra agrees, believing that it will advance her career into a noble lifestyle. What she discovers is her freedom is limited to a mere puppet show in public while used on the side as a toy for her master’s private pleasures. Although Cassundra despises her situation, she attempts to use in order to help out Miranda. However, when Miranda catches the two together, she refuses further contact.

With their friendship ruined, Cassundra plans to run away when she notices a rolled up letter waiting in Lord Hennings’ room. When she reads what it is, she comes up with a better plan and places the letter where Miranda can find it.

The letter is from Master Shy, the newly proclaimed Grand Master of Luxor Castle. It invites various representatives from different regions to help set up a Council within No’va. 

Cassundra knows Miranda will not hesitate to leave, and soon follows. Her only hope is that one day they can renew their friendship. But first… she must not be seen…

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