Finally Finished!

Finally finished writing the second Mierna book!


She missed being out in the barn with the horses and remembered her sister’s pony, Thistle. The little escape-artist always found a way out of his stall, so she was not surprised to see the shaggy brown and white-rumped pony grazing alongside the shed in the backyard. Even though the farm had been sold, she was still welcome to come anytime. However, it was the lot on the other side that she was most interested in and drove a little further until the road curved around. She could see men working on the roof, laying out shingles when she pulled up the driveway. She waved to them and got out to assess the progress. It was nothing fine or fancy, with enough character and space for comfort.

I’m sure Vlanders would call this ‘tiny’ compared to his home…. with wasted wall space.

The thought brought a smile to her lips since the púca adorned every inch of his home with furnishings and collectables. With a final glance around the property, she got ready to leave. As the car pulled away, she thought it odd that the shadows cast across the roof from the workers did not match one in particular. A low-hanging cloud passed overhead, temporarily covering the spot in question. Mierna waited, but once it passed the shadow was gone. After all her adventures in the Fae, she wondered if her mind was playing tricks.

“Don’t let your imagination run wild,” she scolded herself. “It’s not like anything would want to get into a halfway built house, except bugs.” She made a face, letting the car cruise down the driveway and back onto the main road. “I hate bugs.”

She never noticed the tail-end of a shadow disconnect from one of the men walking too close to the edge. It allowed the shadow to slip down the siding, extending its presence over the front porch. The door was partially opened, an invitation that could not go ignored. It hesitated only a moment before disappearing inside. Until the house was completely finished, it would wait with growing hunger.

A hunger… for revenge.


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