Book 5 ~ CHOSEN

I’ve been thinking about some of the story concept for the next book. So I just wrote up a little summary for the time being. I’ll flesh it out more as I come up with more ideas.

Wisdom has asked Glory’s hand in marriage. Yet before they can make any arrangements, he must yet again be the connection between human and Healers. This time, however, he has to make contact with the Elemental Masters themselves.

Nature runs on a delicate balance with the help of these Masters controlling three of the main elements: Fire, Water, and Wind. Each one is a replica of sleek power, though he finds them aloof, reckless and spoiled to the max. Each one thinks highly of themselves. Each one waits for the day the unicorn Osha picks one of them to represent Nature.

Since Wisdom is a Land Healer, they don’t consider it as any real power, even though Land Healers are true healers while fire, water, and wind are not capable of producing “living energy” for the healing process.

On top of dealing with three different masters, Wisdom has to contend with the Horn’s temporary defeat. Now it’s back with a vengeance… and it’s not alone. In order to counter the building power of Darkness sucking at the land and mind controlling individuals, Wisdom must somehow bring those three masters together in order to help him defeat the Horn once and for all.


Savannah Swift – Master of Wind


Yuri Sanssumi – Master of Water


Merionathaniel Blazn – Master of Fire

The countdown has begun. The time of Purification is at hand, and if the wrong unicorn purifies the land all could cease to exist…

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