Hunted – The Werewolf

I’ve had a few dreams corresponding to werewolves, but this last one seemed to have a story to it. After a little bit of shaping, I came up with this:

When his family is slaughtered by a vicious monster overnight, (no name yet) the father goes off on a vengeful rampage. He swears to rid the land of all werewolves, and becomes the most notorious hunter of all. Using magic as his main weapon, (no name) quickly becomes a feared predator to the werewolf population. However, that all changes when one village calls upon his services, only to discover a lone werewolf pup. Instead of finishing the job, he spares the child and sends it away. Over the course of many years, (no name) discovers through this one deed that not all werewolves are vicious monsters. The few that are, he doesn’t hesitate to go after.

On a stormy night of hunting, a tree crashes down on top of him, pinning him to the ground. Unable to reach his trusty staff, which has an explosive ability that he relies upon most of his hunts, he’s saved by the same werewolf he spared long ago. When (no name) is taken to a council of werewolves for judgement, he’s asked why he spared this one and not others.

Will his reasons for finally understanding a society of creatures humans fear be enough to save himself? Or will he be the next meal after the pack’s meeting, since his wounds seem to be mostly internal. Werewolves can’t do medicine.

Or can they?

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