I was trying to come up with some back story to Kendra, my newest character featured in the “Nina” comic. While doing so, I began to wander how the children of different Healers came into their element. Because an infant is born with NO element of its own, then Healers who deal with Fire or Water would be forced to leave their homes in order to give birth.  An underground cavern with black smoke and no ventilation would be instant death for a newborn. The same with water due to the need to breathe. There may be pockets of air in underwater caves, things of that nature, where an infant could gulp in its first breath. Or the mother could just leave Water altogether.

Image result for fire element

Healer children grow rapidly within their first month. This allows them to pick an element. Most of them end of returning with their parent to whatever home they came from. But it’s during the time of choosing that their bodies begin to change. In order to choose an element, they must except their first shift. This comes from exchanging blood with a creature that lives within that chosen environment. For instance, Ember Mages secrete a oil that coats and protects their skin from flames. For Water, children develop air sacks that enable them to retain oxygen for longer periods of time.

Image result for water element

Land and Wind Healers are the only two elements where they don’t necessarily have to leave their element completely.

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