Last Dance – Snippet

This is short concept snippet that could possibly happen in book seven. It would be after the defeat of the Dark Unicorn when dark magic coexists, but there are still concerns that people are turning into frightening magic-users called Dark Ones.


The Masquerade of colorful faces and laced ball gowns swirled around the two in a slow pulse to the music. As a lone violin set the dance to a serenade, Wisdom lost himself in Glory’s maple-brown gaze. The two slowly swayed in a circle of love with feathered masks of gold and silver hiding their identities, though it was clear from those who stepped away that they were already known.

“Shy’s watching us,” Glory whispered in his ear.

“‘Course he is.” Wisdom closed his eyes to the smell of her hair buried beneath his chin. He missed that smell. “He’s trying to read my thoughts…without much success.” He pulled back to show that coy smile beneath his mask of silver and white plumes. He did not even bother hiding his pallad curls. Being an albino Healer would have made an inverted illusion spell all of the easier, but for the eyes…that was a different matter. Those sapphire irises were without their own show of magic that filled them with intense coloration that could never be covered.

“You shouldn’t stay.” Her touch was a warmth that he needed. All the running, the hiding, talk of Dark Ones, even down to his own son – he was just tired of it all.

“Shy’s already blocked the doorways,” he said with a sigh. He could feel her quick intake of breath. They both peered over to the double entrances. Where before there were no guards present, now there were.

“He’s trapped you here.”

“Preventative, but no promises. It’s not over yet, Glory. We’re still dancing.”

Glory’s eyes pleaded with his. “I need you. The children need you. They need their father. And the clan…they need their prince back.”

Wisdom tenderly  raised her hands to his lips to plant a kiss atop her creamy flesh. “I live everyday for you, Glory. But I can’t continue to put you or others in danger because of me. If I’m turning…”

“It’s not…” Glory choked up, her wavy hair matching some of the black plumes on her mask.


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