New Race Concept

This is only the second time I’ve sat down to draw this particular character. This is Uriel, leader of her people known as Zan’Jurae. They are similar to the Lo-ans’rel, or Healers, I’m currently writing about at the moment. Uriel’s people can also shape-shift, but only into humans. Their original appearances are mostly animal-like.

I used to think Uriel might be a guy’s name… but I think it fits this one, who accidentally received a busty chest while sketching out the figure. So “he” became a “she”. But I think I like that better. She seems a rather strong character. Just check out that tail – long enough to strike a person off their feet!

The Zan’Jurae are fairly peaceful. Instead of using magic directly, they focus on turning it into an energy source, which then feeds into their machinery. The Art of Healing is then applied through technology. This might come in handy when magic is not enough to heal.


The picture was painted using Copics, Chromatix and Prismacolor Markers. This is the first time I’ve mixed all three brands. But I love how it came out.

Paper Eyes


Painting doll eyes on a small scale is very difficult. So this time I decided to draw them directly on the computer. That way I could just shrink them down to size later on. I used Super Tacky Glue, which dries clear, so you don’t see any leftover residue. Then I draw around the eyes with micron pens and added a dab of gloss to give a nice shine.

The face was stained using Copic Markers, and took to the surface quite well. I don’t spray anything on them, as it would just make the clay sticky. I just bake the Super Sculpey and it’s usually ready to go!

This is a version of Savannah Swift. She’s got the eyes actually painted directly on the clay.

Book VII Concepts

After the main story line for Wisdom Novels® is complete, I have one more book that I’m throwing down ideas with. What happens after the Dark Horn is defeated? Does dark magic just disappear. Mix two colors together and you get a combination of the two. So no. Dark magic doesn’t just cease to exist. More or less, it gets neutralized in the process.

One of the story’s concepts is why people start turning into what’s known as Dark Ones. I’m thinking these would be normal humans who come in contact with blips of dark power, and because they were previously affected by the Dark Horn, they change. Eyes lighten. Hair darkens. Like the power of the Horn, they can suck living energy from around them and toss it wherever.

But there has to be a catalyst to all this. I’m a firm believer in connections between books. So I’m thinking (SPOILER ALERT) that when Wisdom is “reborn” in his five-minute role as one of the Elemental Masters, he connects with Nature’s energy to fix up the land that was previously destroyed by Dark Magic. Right before Merlock dies, he stabs Wisdom with his horn. This infects him with either a toxin or dark power (will the intent to kill since his plan to take over a new body fails). When Wisdom connects with the earth, this toxin gets integrated with Nature and surges over the land. In a way, Wisdom is the catalyst to the downfall of many individuals, but doesn’t know it.

Even this isn’t so bad compared to what his brother is up to at Luxor Castle. Unbeknownst to many, Shy goes behind their backs and brings in several outsiders from the land of Astra. More specifically, from the city of Mayla, which is where Book IV No’va starts out. Mayla contained a council that felt threatened against the existence of magic, so they tried to weed it out.

The main character from this selected group is a woman named Miranda Hennens, who prefers to be recognized by her last name. She is the only daughter in a powerful family that leads the council back in Mayla. But she feels looked down upon due to being a woman. Although she is the oldest of five children, her brothers are given more power and favor in their father’s image. When she comes across Shy’s summons, she steals the letter and heads out across the sea with several others to make a name for herself.

I think Miranda is confused to what she truly wants out of this journey. To banish magic across the land and make her family proud? Or to help those she may come to befriend along the way and accept magic as it really is?

Only time will tell…

Writing with Others

Ever written your characters into someone else’s story, role-played your character with other online, or done a round-robin? I remember when a bunch of us got together online and just played around with our characters. It was something like five or six of us, but what came out of it was really neat. It ended up being a novel. There was no planning involved. Just write something and wait for whoever to pick it up. And yet, somehow we had a beginning, a middle and ending. I miss those days, but couldn’t do the same now due to… well… life.

There was another book written between me and one other. We did this off and on for about two years. The book was around 500 some pages and was, for the most part, pretty serious in plot. That is, until I decided to lop some heads off in one section, in which our own characters get mad at us authors because they were so engrossed in the story.

I would love to say it had an intense ending. But it never really ended. We probably would have kept writing had I not decided to strample everything with pink elephants. Pretty cheesey, but that’s where we left it.


I had a sudden idea for another story… which I’m sure has probably been thought of before. I won’t ever write it because I’m not really into these… but what would it be like if an older couple suddenly lost their child?

Let’s say the parents are be in their mid-fifties or sixties. They’re too old to have another child. So, of course, their son/daughter is probably already grown at this point (early twenties??). So they visit a witch doctor to voodoo their deceased loved one back into the world of the living. They’re warned, but does it anyway. They get their child back.

But it’s not really their child who comes back…. dum dum dum!


Foreseer Productions

I now have a more professional looking website using WordPress where I can showcase my commissions, give rates, and display testimonials. As I get more images done for people, I’ll add those to the Showcase page.

Why Foreseer Productions?
Foreseer Productions was, at one point, the selected name I had wanted for my own publishing agent. I thought it would look better if I had a company name that represented what I was trying to publish – such as Fantasy. I also use Foreseer Productions on contracts and receipts for clients. Look more professional that way.

What is Foreseer Productions on the Website?
Foreseer Productions is a creative assistant that helps indie authors design their book covers or receive publishing guidance. It’s made out to look like a company, but it’s only really me that’s handling it. So there’s a lot of “we” when explaining things, although I do express that only “one” artist is handling the commissions.

I Need Reviews!
If I have done any type of art for you in the past, I would really appreciate some feedback. That way I can add your comments to the site, sort of like a reference to my work. The artwork will probably speak for itself on the showcase page, but reviews always look nice.

Screenshot #1 – Homepage


Screenshot #2 – Homepage


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Screenshot #4 – One of the Showcase Images


Screenshot #5 – One of the Showcase Images


I’ve had so many stories wrapped around this particular characters, it’s not funny. But I’ve finally worked out the story kinks. This looks like something you’d see summarized on Wiki, which a great place to go when you need spoilers!


The Relic’s Keeper is about a young man who is crippled and lives with his family. Their village is located in the valley under the watchful eye of those called High Keepers. Mechanical Guardians roam the forests by day. By dusk come the Shades, those under the control of Eternal Night. Azryael is the oldest child with his sister Christauni, who truly believes they’ll somehow survive their poor living conditions. With not much money coming in, Christauni tries to find work. Unsuccessfully, but still determined to make ends meet, she accepts an offer from one of the Shades to work for the Eternal Night. However, she returns home to discover the lie in what she’s become, as she cannot interfere or touch anything during the daylight hours. Furious, she determines to find another way to care for her ill brother. When Azryael’s condition worsens, his father carries him outside the city walls for the wolves to feast on, but is saved by a blind individual named Rivan. An oppportunist, Rivan left the city to make his way in the outside world. He knows all too well how the poor are mistreated, and promises his new companion that they’ll make it together. But Rivan is not without is own desires, and soon accepts a Shade’s offer.

Alone and afraid, Azryael accepts his fate when a mechanical Guardian takes him to the hillside mansion of the High Keepers. It is there within the pristine palace walls that the last Relic of Healing waits. When the Guardian releases him, Azryael finds himself getting stronger until he’s at last able to stand and accept his new role as a Relic’s Keeper. An elderly woman explains that many have tried to claim the Relic’s healing powers for themselves, and not to be surprised by jealousy. He learns there are seven Relics, but some of them are missing, as a few Keepers turned to the promise of power by the Enteral Night. Azryael has a delicate task of keeping balance by healing the land, and he wonders if he’s able to heal the people back in his home village. He’s given a warning not to be seen by anyone while doing so, and soon makes his way back down the mountainside. With Relic in hand, Azryael does as promises and watches with pride while the valley blooms and prospers. The sick are no longer sick. Gardens are abundant with fruits and vegetables. Everything seems perfect when the approach night brings about the Shades, with one of them being Christauni. Azryael vanquishes all but one when he recongizes his sister. She has fallen under the mind-numbing spell of Eternal Night to offer false promises to those like herself, but the glow of healing power snaps her out of it. While she’s delighted to see her brother, they both realize they can never be together because of what they are. Lingering Shades are tracked, so she’s afraid to bring more where her brother’s located.

For a while, they agree to meet in different locations for short periods of time, but rising jealousy causes some of the Keepers to turn against Azryael. In vain, they try to pry the Relic from him, but combined fury by both Relic and Azryael make him the stronger and wiser. He learns quickly to fight back, but always with mercy. More of these Shades and other creatures start appearing due to Christauni’s lack of committing herself and attempts to be with her brother. News of a Red Mage starts to spread fear, as Azryael’s eyes glow red with rage when he fights to protect those he loves. A fading mist swirling in the night signifies the master of Eternal Night has been chosen and now leads an army to capture the remaining Relics. Azryael ignores the call of the HIgh Keepers to stay back and defend the village when he’s approached by two Keepers, who claim to join his side in battle. Christauni overhears their plot and tries save her brother, who gets turned over to the Eternal Night. For their treason, the Relics recall their power, violently killing the two Keepers. Christauni snatches up the Relic of Healing, surprised when she can actually wield it, and goes after Azryael, who had cast it away to protect it. Without the Relic, Azryael returns to being a cripple, and is unable to fight against his restraints. When he gets to the Underworld of Eternal Night, he learns that Rivan is the newly chosen master, which has given his vision though his eyes are still opal. He states that the world doesn’t deserve Relics because they only care for themselves and no one else, but Azryael denies this. Rivan continues to come up with excuses, even accusing his own parents that abandoned him and his own sister. This infuriates Azryael. When his eyes glow, it connects to the Relic that Christauni has brought with her. Renewed strength breaks his bindings to face off against Rivan, who has only ever known hate and neglect in his life. The two battle while Christauni gathers the lost Relics. When she brings them together, they combine with the Relic of Healing as an ultimate fighting staff. “You see what you want to see, but not what you need to see!” Azryael thrusts the staff into Rivan’s darkness, which shatters the night away from the youth. Together, they leave as the place starts to collapse. The Relics return to their resting places because there is no need for them now. Azryael and Christauni are the last to place the Relic back. While his sister is happy to be back to normal, her brother knows he will return to a cripple. When he places the Relic in his holder, he’s told that as long as he stays within the palace walls, he’ll be fine. Christauni must leave because it is a place meant only for Keeprs, but Azryael assures her he will be watching over them.