Here is what I’ve details for the first class so far… Date of actual class TBD.


Week One – Photoshop for Beginners
  • Introduce Photoshop
    • Why use it?
    • Enhancing Digital and Traditional art
    • Expanding exposure online to your work
      • Please keep in mind that whatever you post online, someone has access to somewhere. Your purpose is to gain more exposure to your work so that your audience expands to those not in your immediate area.  This could be good for business purposes or just personal. 
    • Photoshop is not only great w/ manipulating or correcting photos, it’s a wonderful program to create digital artwork from scratch
    • You can connect a wacom tablet and draw directly into the program
    • PLEASE NOTE: This is a very powerful program with a lot of great features. What we’re covering will only be a fraction of what it can do.
  • Identify tools and basic uses – Tool Bar
    • Customize your placement
    • Lasso / shape lasso
    • Magic wand
    • crop tool
    • eyedropper
    • brush tool
    • stamp
    • eraser
    • paint bucket
    • smudge
    • burn tool
    • pen
    • character / typing tool
    • path selection tool
    • shape tool
    • hand/grab tool
    • magnify glass
    • color swatch tool
      • these are only a few of the main tools 
  • Resolution & Size –  Starting a New File
    • Difference between updated version and CS 5.5 (my version)
    • Keep in mind your size – for printing purposes or online
    • Online sizes depend on resolution. When uploading images to websites or blogs, it’s in your best interest to create a file that has low resolution. In this way, people can still download or save your image but cannot print high resolution versions of it. This might change if you wanted people to actually download so then you don’t need to change any resolution at all. Upload your original file.
    • Photoshop uses DPI, which stands for dots-per-inch.
    • Online res – low – 72 dpi minimum
    • Print res – high – 300 or greater for good quality print
    • Make sure you select “inches” as part of the measurement
    • Common measurements: inches, pixels, cm, points
    • Pixels are mainly used for online image measurements, like banners for websites
    • The difference between CMYK and RGB (printing vs. just working in the program)
  • File Formats – Popular Formats When Saving Your Work
    • JPG – always w/ background
    • PNG – transparent background
    • TIFF – HUGE file size!!!
    • PSD – photoshop formatted w/ layers
    • PDF – acceptable file on most systems, w/ layers or non
  • Layers & Filters
    • Why use layers?
    • What are filters?
      • List filters

Photoshop for Beginners

I’m going to be teaching a 6-week course on Photoshop and Illustrator for beginners or for traditional artists looking to dive into digital art. I’m currently outlining each day for examples to go over certain features, what’s most important, and things to know before starting a new file. What I have so far is a split between the two programs. For the first three times we met, we’ll go over Photoshop. Then the last three will be on Illustrator.

Even if you already know Photoshop, I’m going to be displaying the different types of artworks accomplished using this for demonstration purposes. So you’ll get a range of styles from simple design work to complete illustrations.

I would also like to open up the floor on the third day concerning each program for personal demonstrations, so please come with suggestions and things you want to be seen. If I don’t know it, we’ll figure it out!

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200 Subscribers!

Wow, I really appreciate all your support.

As a little gift, I’d like to offer my third novel “Healer” as a freebee on Amazon Kindle. The free download will start September 23 and last until September 27, 2016. Download Healer for Kindle here!

Also, here is a coloring page you can download that I saved from my last painting. Download coloring page here!eastern_dragon_horse_lineart_by_bonbon3272-daes87r


The Youngest Child

When I eventually reach book 7, Wisdom will have three children. His oldest will be Keith, named after himself because he too will be albino. The middle child, Gaily, will be human, and the third child will be mysterious and observant – a half-breed of human and Healer.

It is the third child that I will be most interested in writing: Koréken. The name and looks is in honor of Corrigan, the Black Wing that assists his father in previous adventures. But Koré is more than just a dark-haired child with pale eyes. He has strange abilities that neither Healer or humans use. What’s even stranger is his ability to manipulate the energy within someone else, but cannot use it directly within himself. He acts as a weather forecaster. Except instead of predicting weather, he can foresee the emotions or intentions behind someone approaching. Therefore, he’s able to give fair warning to flee or stay.

Koré is conservative in speech. He prefers quiet spots to enjoy reading the collections of books his father keeps in their home library.  He develops a method of touch that involves pressure points. Pressure points on the body can do a number of things, including but not limited to temporarily paralysis, muscle control,  or easing pain.

Koré is confused with another developing problem. Dubbed as Dark Ones, these are regular people who suddenly grow pale, with white eyes and black hair. Surrounding energy flocks to them and releases in such a way that it causes a mass of destruction before they’re able to learn control. But Koré  is able to help these people. By using his ability to manipulate energy, he’s able to give them enough time to learn how to deal with what’s happening to them. However, the threat of more becoming Dark Ones and why it’s happening is alarming.

It’s no surprise that many people see Wisdom’s son as a Dark One, leading him to defend his family to the point where he himself is being blamed for the outcome.


I could see a potential undead situation in the type of fantasy I write. Let’s just say that a spell goes awry and causes a mass of undead to rise, including Wisdom, long after his time had passed.

In Wisdom’s case, Nature keeps his spirit and memories intact so that when his body rises they are joined back together. I can definitely see a scene where, without those, his body would just react like a normal zombie – floundering about, ready to rip someone’s arm off until the gets his wits back.

Just a passing thought…


Vamperic Race?

Is there a vampire-like race in No’va? No. But I have had ideas about a race that once were feared by the living due to their blood-thirsty nature. It’s not until later when a new leader takes over that he realizes they’re wasting precious food by ripping into their victims and letting them die when they only need a few drops every couple of generations.

In steps the new, sophisticated being (unnamed) who dwells in decked-up caverns and ensure their selected “honored” guests that they will once again walk out to see daylight. The guests are dined and wined and pleasured beyond their wildest dreams until they are at ease with what is about to happen to them. The reason is fear. Fear petrifies the blood flow. Changes the taste. They want that fresh, succulent dip of ruby red, like fine wine to the tongue. Once they have it, the guest is free to leave.

I don’t plan to develop this any further. Just a passing thought.

Original Watercolor for Sale

I’ve created a posting on Craigslist to sell my original watercolor painting, but this time I’ve added some goodies with it. I’m including my third book and an extra uncolored version of the painting for those who like to color their own. The price is still $85, and I’ve posted my link to avoid scammers.

Masquerade Watercolors