Save the Date ~ March 17

So long as everything goes according to plan, Mierna book one will be officially published on March 17, 2021 (St. Patrick’s Day!)

Changed Book Title

Book IV just got a title update!

It will now officially be called “Onyx” instead of “No’va”. The land in which the characters delve into is filled with fresh creatures and adventures, but became less important as the story was written. It’s more about how the land and its ever evolving magic, particularly two unicorns, that shape the characters into making the choices they make.

The story centers around Jenario who is traveling with three other companions on a quest for a new life. As he’s given more “gifts” from the unicorn and comes to a better understanding of how magic relates to what he needs to do, his focus starts to shift from a supportive father and practicing alchemist to a self-centered and knowledge-hungry potions and spell crafter. Friendships begin to fail, and his fiancée is forced to reconsider her options if she is to continue staying with him.

Seems like an antihero in the making. And perhaps that would be correct due to what happened to him in the last novel. It all boils down to the decisions that must be made in order to survive. However, one thing is for certain; Onyx is a much better-sounding title.

Nathan halted in his tracks, holding out an arm for his friend to stop too. Jenario could barely make out shadowed movements. He turned his head toward the sound of light patters over the grass. Something was running from them.

“Deer. Herd of ’em,” he huffed out a reply before following the same route as the animals. “Shafari’s had more than enough time to get himself together. If he ain’t got it by now, he never well. And that was well before the Council made their decision.”

“He still tries.” Jenario attempted to listen to what Nathan was able to hear, but the sound of their own feet crunching over the ground foiled the effort.

Nathan balked. “Then he should’ve known better than let Tia’s brother handle magic.”

“You can’t blame him for what happened. If I wanted to do magic—”

“You’d be a lot better at it.”

The first line of trees enveloped them into the night, with Jenario stumbling into bushes with no guiding light to see.

“First off, I’d cast a night-vision on my eyes.” He flicked a branch away from his face and rubbed his nose where it had been scratched. “How do you do this? It’s pitch-black!”

“How do you come up with your stuff with what you do?” Nathan returned. “It’s all in the training. Do something long enough and you just know what to look for. Isn’t that how your alchemy goes?”

“I still need light to see what I’m doing. Pour too little or too much and the whole thing is ruined!”

“I ain’t ever seen you measure nothing,” Nathan said, barging ahead without so much as a branch grazing against his clothing. Meanwhile, Jenario broke several following behind.

“I can eyeball it,” was the return. There came a pause before he added, “My Study was on the highest floor. How would you even know that?”

“I told you already.” Nathan caught a branch before it could swipe against his friend’s face. “I don’t miss a thing.”

“You’d make one hell of a spy, then.”

“Don’t think the Council didn’t try it. They wanted tabs on everyone, especially you and Shafari.”

Jenario frowned. “So you just told them our business?”

Nathan slammed his dagger against a tree next to Jenario’s shoulder, skewering a giant spider through the abdomen. “Not…everything, Jen. And it weren’t because of me that they acted, either.” He jerked the blade away, leaving remnants of spider guts clinging to the metal. A large leaf provided the perfect makeshift rag to wipe the weapon clean before sheathing it.

First Peek – Snippet

When Mierna first peers in at the back of a performance…

Wisdom Model Remake

New face model created in Blender 2.9. I like this one so much better than the other two attempts. He’s ready to be painted into any drawing now 🙂

Chapter Snippet


Book One of Red Moon Rising Trilogy

Part II ~ Chapter 14 (Snippet)

“Jen?” Shafari held up a vial containing pink sand, rotating it slightly so that the nearby candlelight reflected off its inner contents. The sand slightly glistened with a multicolor radiance when illumined just right. He then removed its cap and took a sniff. At the first hint of drowsiness, he quickly held it away. “You are a legend, my friend.”

“More like an accident waiting to happen.” Jenario crossed his arms and glanced between the tent flaps toward the front entrance of their progressing city. The approach of night sent several individuals hurrying to light lanterns set up along the streets. As each was lit, their warm glow wavered along the stone walls that marked the perimeters of the city. “I only keep my stuff here because I didn’t want Abraham getting into anything. He’s been a handful lately.”

“He just needs room to grow.” With a sigh, Shafari set the vial back with a few other containers that Jenario had managed to scrounge together.  “You know what your problem is? You don’t take enough credit for the things you do.  Where would Nickademis be without all his medicines, hmm? It was you who made them.”

“Yeah but—”

“But what?” Shafari stared hard at him. “Do you have any idea what this could mean? You’re not just some ordinary alchemist, Jen. There’re plenty who can throw some flowers in a pot of boiling water and call it an herbal concoction. But this? You actually changed the chemical properties of the sand itself. It’s now something completely different.”

“I don’t see how that’s possible.” Jenario picked up the same vial to examine it. “It fell over and broke, which wasn’t even my doing. And it’s not like I wasn’t doing what any other alchemist does. Throw plants in a pot!”

The Gillieel

Breathes both above and below water. Concept creature for the novels.

Swamp Creature

Created for writing references for the novel.

Full Chapter on Patreon

Finally finished another chapter in the No’va Book IV. Phew! This one took a while to get done and also gave me the hardest time trying to decide on an ending. Now that I’m ready to move into the next chapter, I’ve got to stop and think about where the characters stand and what will be the next course of action. I’m thinking of pausing to go back to the ones in the prologue who are being shown everything so we can briefly reflect, take a break, tie up loose ends, then dive back into it!

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