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Creating a Faerie Palace

Creating a palace designed for a faerie world filled with dreams and nightmares seemed like a daunting task. I’m no architect by any means! Thankfully, 3D software like Blender helps with this and I was able to build something that came pretty close to how I imagined it might look.

So far, this is the base model with a few textures. It’s not perfect, but the plan is to be able to rotate it in order to gain several nice shots in different areas of the structure where Mierna and her friends might visit. Then I will illustrate overtop of these to really bring it to life!

Mierna Snippet

Snippet from “Mierna & the Keeper of Nightmares”

“Now!” Mierna did not wait for a response. She reached down and grabbed his hand to pull him along with her in a mad dash. There was nothing more she wanted than to get as far away from the swamp as possible.

The way out was just ahead of them. Light grew brighter at every step.

Closer. Closer. Mud sloshed under her pounding sneakers. Closer.

Why aren’t we there yet? She started to slow, heart pounding. Panic had blinded her for the few moments she thought she was leaving. Yet a second inspection revealed the same trees still lingering nearby. She suddenly stopped at the water’s edge.

“What are you doing?” Wexel pulled his hand free and stared up at her. “You’re supposed to be going the other way, remember?”

“What! No, that’s not possible! I was running toward the light, not away from it!”

A deep-throated laugh resonated from above, and the two looked to find the shadowy figure clinging to a tree trunk.

“Wrong light, my dear,” it answered.


Page 22 Progress

From sketch to painting in characters…

Vlanders Takes Flight

Scene for the second Mierna book… Vlanders luring away a potential threat from his home.

Azryael’s Theme

New Music!

It’s relatively peaceful for this cranky albino shape-shifter, who doesn’t appear until the 7th novel or chapter 3 in the “Nina” comic. It’s going to be a while before actually get to him, but it’ll get there… eventually.

This púca got tricks up his sleeve! 

In the second Mierna book “Keeper of Nightmares”, Vlanders flies off on a piece of broken root tip that shoots out a purple dust. The dust comes from chaotic magic and causes temporary memory loss if inhaled. 

Wisdom’s Portrait

A quick portrait of Wisdom. Not bad looking. His hair is cuter than mine now LOL. He was overdue for one of these for a while. I just need to work more on his wardrobe.

Dark Horn

The infamous Dark Unicorn from the novel is only getting more powerful by corrupting the elements around it.

The black unicorn in the series is mostly referred to as the “Dark Horn” or Merlock once it takes over Abraham’s body. Abraham is the son of Jenario, former creator of the black unicorn.

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