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Here’s where I am with Chapter 6… I’m nearing the reason why Jenario becomes what he does in the previous books.


Jenario’s boots crunched through several fallen leaves. He felt like a thundering giant compared to the nimble Trapper. Though not slim around the waist, Nathan knew how to keep his steps soft from years of hunting. Now and then he pulled out a flask from a side pouch. A quick sip drew a mischievous grin across the lips when he caught his companion looking.

“You best not be drinking when the baby’s due.”

“Ha!” Nathan downed the rest and slipped the empty container by his side. “That’d be a trick.”

“Aren’t you at least excited?”

“I was more into the ‘excitement’ before I realized what the consequences were.” He sighed heavily. “Just hope it’s a boy. At least with that I could teach him my trade.”

Jenario reframed from asking about the opposite gender. He cast a sideways glance at the slight beer-bellied man. Although no looker, Ahnalee seemed happy enough when they were together, a reminder of his own family waiting back at the Healers’ site.

Is Tia happy with me? The question slowly plagued his thoughts. Nathan, at least, has a useful skill that didn’t need council interference. What can my skills do? I barely know how to tell two flowers apart. If I want a marriage to happen, I’ll need something that truly impresses her.

He stopped abruptly when Nathan held out a hand. Still in his own thoughts, it took a moment before Jenario’s vision cleared to see the Trapper’s finger to his lips. He then knelt to examine the ground. To the untrained eye, there was nothing. Yet Nathan was an expert at spotting the slight rip in a leaf or how the grass was once mashed into the earth. Whatever it was had tipped the Trapper into believing something was close by.

“Stay here,” Nathan whispered, to which Jenario nodded.

We need a successful hunt. He watched the Trapper keep low as he moved slowly through trees. The click of bolt confirmed his crossbow was ready to fire. Is that little thing going to be enough to take down something large? Jenario never doubted the Trapper’s skills, but the thought of taking on a Black Wing seemed a bit out of place.

Soon he could see nothing, as Nathan had moved ahead through the underbrush. Not even a crumpling leaf could be heard. He’s good! Jenario took a moment to survey the area. Maybe there’s some wild herbs around here. He turned left. It seemed less dense in that direction. Best not wander too far.

Uncertain how long the Trapper would be, Jenario took a moment to examine the various plants growing along the forest floor. His thoughts reeled back and forth between different species of greens brought to him by council members. By the time the plants reached his desk, they had been already finely chopped and ready to be mixed with other ingredients. Occasionally, a leaf was missed and he would do the honors, or else Shafari might slip him something to use in his black marble mortar.

When nothing stood out, he moved on.

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I had this extra website where I was using it to announce artsy things. Somehow, it got a little lost in all my other sites, so I revamped it and made it simple looking. Since it didn’t hold any other purpose than info displays, I’ve updated my bio and placed an emphasis on a project list of what I’m currently working on. This might include commission work, writing, or possibly sculpture.

There is also information about the Photoshop class I’ll be teaching, starting October 22, 2016. Check it out!

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The Youngest Child

When I eventually reach book 7, Wisdom will have three children. His oldest will be Keith, named after himself because he too will be albino. The middle child, Gaily, will be human, and the third child will be mysterious and observant – a half-breed of human and Healer.

It is the third child that I will be most interested in writing: Koréken. The name and looks is in honor of Corrigan, the Black Wing that assists his father in previous adventures. But Koré is more than just a dark-haired child with pale eyes. He has strange abilities that neither Healer or humans use. What’s even stranger is his ability to manipulate the energy within someone else, but cannot use it directly within himself. He acts as a weather forecaster. Except instead of predicting weather, he can foresee the emotions or intentions behind someone approaching. Therefore, he’s able to give fair warning to flee or stay.

Koré is conservative in speech. He prefers quiet spots to enjoy reading the collections of books his father keeps in their home library.  He develops a method of touch that involves pressure points. Pressure points on the body can do a number of things, including but not limited to temporarily paralysis, muscle control,  or easing pain.

Koré is confused with another developing problem. Dubbed as Dark Ones, these are regular people who suddenly grow pale, with white eyes and black hair. Surrounding energy flocks to them and releases in such a way that it causes a mass of destruction before they’re able to learn control. But Koré  is able to help these people. By using his ability to manipulate energy, he’s able to give them enough time to learn how to deal with what’s happening to them. However, the threat of more becoming Dark Ones and why it’s happening is alarming.

It’s no surprise that many people see Wisdom’s son as a Dark One, leading him to defend his family to the point where he himself is being blamed for the outcome.


I could see a potential undead situation in the type of fantasy I write. Let’s just say that a spell goes awry and causes a mass of undead to rise, including Wisdom, long after his time had passed.

In Wisdom’s case, Nature keeps his spirit and memories intact so that when his body rises they are joined back together. I can definitely see a scene where, without those, his body would just react like a normal zombie – floundering about, ready to rip someone’s arm off until the gets his wits back.

Just a passing thought…