Character Trouble

What have these two gotten themselves into…


The sudden appearance of two humans emerging from the brush merely turned heads from the group of White Wings. Their once shrill whistles and chirps instantly silenced. Feathers raised around their heads to better tune in sound. They listened and watched as the humans came closer. They were still a ways off when one of them tossed a glowing object their way. A center harpy stood and pursed his lips for a single whistle. Wings opened from a fade, exposing a its creamy underside. The warning call was all he needed. In an instant, the clan was ready for flight.

The moment was short-lived as the fire sizzled out before it was even halfway across the field.

“You oaf!” Nathan shouted, prepping one of his crossbows. “You’re better off sending that dancing light you always toy with. Least that would’ve kept going!”

The two stopped running while Shafari tampered with another fireball. Nathan clicked a bolt into place and rolled his eyes at the struggling mage.

“Pathetic!” he snarled.

“It’s hard to see the orb in broad daylight!” Shafari shook out his hand and watched in satisfaction while smoldering flames churned into a spinning ball.

“If this was a real emergency, you’d be dead by now!” Nathan started his advance once again, this time taking charge with a battle yell.

In a blink, White Wings took to the skies, but they did not stay there. A formation of quick-changing flash of feathers turned the group back around. They circled the two humans in tight formation, like a deadly ring of vultures waiting for a kill. In alarm, Thomas Gracie and Roland shouted a warning to get back out. Yet there was nowhere for them to go.

In the confusion of flying feathers and shrill cries, Nathan’s bolt found a target. A White Wing crashed through the grass not far from them. She flopped around until her footage was found, but one wing dragged where the bolt had hit a muscle. It did not take long before she was able to pull it out with a furious howl.

“Now, you fool! Do it now!” Nathan grabbed the mage’s arm to prompt a throw, but the move only caused him to lose control. The flaming ball ricocheted off the ground and into the air. One Wing flew up after it, swapping it with a wing so that it came back at the mage.

“What the…?” They dived to the side as it struck between them in a fiery explosion.


“Nina” Page 15 Progress – So in this scene… Wisdom is using illusion to show what Nina’s hair might look like in a different color. They’re trying to find solutions to conceal her looks as much as possible so it doesn’t rouse suspicion once they leave the ship.

After he changes the color, Nina looks down at a puddle on the floor to see what he’s done.


Website Updates

The main website of is slowly being updated with some current projects, such as artwork, comic, novel and more. So far, I’ve added some new content to the Homepage. Next up will be the Links page. I’ve been over some of them and there’s a lot of broken links and missing pages. So all that needs some revamping.


Chapter Snippet

I’m excited to start this next chapter! I never know how characters are going to react with each other until I write it. If this were only a movie… 


A series of whistles and chirps could be heard even before they reached the edge of the brush and pulled back low hanging limbs. At first glimpse, the fields of Lexington seemed dotted with mounds of snow. It was not until one of those mounds moved that they realized the place served as a feeding location for a group of White Wings.

“All that fresh meat!” Nathan stared intently at the flock. More landed in the midst, squabbling for their share. A few feathers went flying when they were abruptly shooed away. “I’d take one of those over-sized chickens in a heartbeat! When we going on real hunt?”

Thomas Gracie sighed. “Once we’ve established a suitable location. We’ve been over this already.”

“But I’m tired of green stuff and berries!”

“As are we all.” Thomas Gracie released his limb, allowing it to swap Nathan across the cheek as it fell back in place.

“Watch it!” the Trapper protested.

“We have to be mindful still. You can’t go lugging large game about those Healers.”

Shafari pushed aside the branch to peer out through the leaves. He noted a few loose strands around the sleeve where it had snagged on some brier. It was the same along the helm where it constantly brushed against the ground. Already stains had accumulated since their travels.

“Hope we brought along a tailor,” he murmured,

“What? You couldn’t cast a spell and repair it yourself?” Nathan flicked the strands on his friend’s sleeve with a finger. “Nah! You might set yourself aflame.”

Shafari jerked his arm away with a huff. “I’ll have you know this fabric is made from fire repelling minerals. It can’t burn.”

Nathan just snickered. “You can.”


Wisdom’s Garment

improvements wisdom

Since starting the comic, I’ve been improving Wisdom’s Ambassador outfit quite a bit. Now on page 14, it finally feels more complete. Leaf patterns inspired by this earlier image of him.



Love This Last Bit…

This is the ending from the previous chapter… love that last comment!


“The other Healer was very worried about you,” Jenario said.

“Sarra?” Providence waved the comment aside. “She reminds me of your mate, slow to trust outsiders.”

“And we have no magic! Well…save one.”

“Sarra only fears your lack of understanding in our ways.” There was a moment’s pause before asking, “What did happened to Jileathia?”

Jenario sighed. “She’s improving, but it hasn’t been easy. Her brother used to dabble in magic. It’s…what killed him. Ever since then, she’s feared it. Even Shafari knew better, but she hasn’t warmed up to him either. You’ve seen why.”

Providence frowned. “Fire is the worst element he could’ve picked. It requires much control, which he lacks quite a bit.”

Jenario grinned. “I won’t tell him you said that, but he’s heard enough from the rest of us to know by now.”

The sound of water hinted that they were close to camp. Providence seemed to glide across the fallen log with ease while Jenario stumbled after. When they reached the group, the men had nearly finished packing.

“Exploring without us?” one asked. “Find anything interesting?”

“Just some spiders,” Jenario answered.

“Did you squish ’em?”

Providence’s tufted ears turned back with a cheeky grin. “More like…they squish you.”

Teaser Snippet

A grunt was all he emitted when talons sunk into his shoulder and side. The next instant he was airborne. Earth rapidly fell away in a dizzying whirl of light and shadow. A blast of wind continuously slapped his face until the creature reached a desired height. For a moment he could see the grove where mere dots of colors represented his friends. Then, the air shifted in a sudden dive toward a grouping of trees at the edge of the meadow. In all his young years of never speaking, Mididus finally found his tongue…and screamed.

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