Dark Horn

The infamous Dark Unicorn from the novel is only getting more powerful by corrupting the elements around it.

The black unicorn in the series is mostly referred to as the “Dark Horn” or Merlock once it takes over Abraham’s body. Abraham is the son of Jenario, former creator of the black unicorn.

Mierna Book 2 Snippet

“Mierna & the Keeper of Nightmares”

~ A sneak peek into Vlanders’ home ~


He handed her the cup on a saucer then raised his own in a salute. Mierna grinned that he held his pinky finger out in the polite fashion of drinking from such a dainty cup. It seemed so small with hardly any tea in it when she peered inside hers, and yet Vlanders took the longest of sips before shivering in the delight of its warmth.

“Hits the spot!” He raised the cup again but held it just in front of his lips. That blue-green gaze never wavered from his guest, as she had yet to take her first taste.

Realizing why he waiting, Mierna lifted the cup to her lips as well. However, she paused to think about what she was about to do. Not wanting to offend his hospitality, she slowly asked a question.

“If I drink this, am I inadvertently accepting a deal?”

At this, he chuckled out a response. “You most certainly are!” Then he held up his index finger before she could say another word. “But one I think would benefit you in the long run. You are in the Fae, after all.”

“So the Fae doesn’t value Dreamers?”

“Indeed it does!” he answered. “But so then do others within the Fae, who would love to have your company… in the most appetizing way.” A sly grin spread across his face that made Mierna slightly cringe.

“Of course they would.” She stared at the cup in consideration. “I suppose I don’t really have a choice.”

“Oh, there is always a choice,” Vlanders replied. “Never forget that. You can choose not to drink.” That smile never dimmed as he added, “I won’t be offended. You just might miss out on a few things…”Here, his eyes glanced about the room, “…that I could share with you. But it’s much better for you to see it on your own.”

That curling beard seemed to curl even more so with that tantalizing grin. It was at that moment that Mierna realized what he meant. If she did not drink, she would not see what he intended to share with her. The petite teacup between her fingers barely looked to contain enough to fill the bottom, and yet she had seen him pour a good amount into it.

“Well, here goes nothing.” She raised the cup in a salute.

“And to everything!” Vlanders did the same.

After all she went through that morning, the púca’s home-brewed tea did smell refreshing. Unclear whether she would even get anything else from this point forward, she took a chance and tasted it. The warm liquid hit her tongue with the scent of mint filing her nostrils… and something else. She swallowed, waiting a moment for the unexpected to happen. When her taste buds only begged for more, she gulped the rest down, surprised it held as much as it did.

“This is so good!” she exclaimed, sitting the cup back on the tray. “I guess I was just worried. As you said before, I am in the Fae. For all I know, this could turn me into another púca.”

“Hmmm. I should consider that.” Vlanders tapped his fingers across the teacup that he still held. Eventually, he set it down on the tray as well. “You would make an excellent púca.”

“Sure! Then I could have magic too and go nuts when I don’t know how to control it!” She laughed at the thought, but Vlanders seemed intrigued.

“Oh, but you have… abilities. They just needed a little something to help awaken them.” He tapped the rim of his cup, then gestured around the room. “Do you see now?”

Mierna looked up, perhaps a little too quickly. Her vision was momentarily blurred while her eyes adjusted to the sudden colors that sprinkled overhead and all around. Before, she could only view plain, wooden furniture. Now it was packed with stacks of books, fabric, and jewellery. Dishes teetered on the edge of spilling, and yet they held in place upside-down on the ceiling. Different colored twine dangled across, connecting from one wall to the next, with clothing and pinned photos hanging from each one. There were toys, dolls and hats lining the walls. There was even a collection of shoes. Mierna recognized famous landmarks on postcards jutting out in between book pages on a nearby shelf.

Ambassador Wisdom

Epic overhaul at 2am 🥰

Azryael Ve’nguard

The mysterious Keeper emerges!

Azryael will debut in the seventh novel of the Wisdom Novels® series before continuing into the comic. He’s rumored to be the fourth Elemental Master that has yet to be reborn. When Wisdom first encounters him, he is nearly mad with a craving that can never be satisfied from a fruit that no longer exists. He’s angry with everything, especially his own kind.

Savannah Swift

Master of Wind – progress.

Tons of awesomeness going into this site. Check it out!

Yuri Sanssumi, Elemental Master of Water, is the most difficult of all the Masters to persuade. Yuri has two main looks as a merman Healer. His most feared appearance depicts a venomous eel type creature with warning colors of deep red, blue and black. He keeps the same colors on his human outfits as well once out of the water.

Merionath’iel Blazn is the first Master the protagonist character has to meet in book 5.. and only because he has a softer heart than the others and will be easier to persuade in helping on his quest. If the elements get corrupted, so do the Masters… ideally he’s saving them from this.

Mierna Book2 Snippet

There came a responding snort as Vlanders stood with the breeze whipping through his mane and tail. They faced the sun rising overhead from the East. A dip of the head and they started toward the mist, toward the Tree of Eternity. Excitement welled inside Mierna to think she might see it so soon.

Vlanders eased into a canter, flicking an ear back at his rider’s enjoyment. A lip curled upward in a slight sneer, and his speed began to increase.

Mierna was acutely aware that they were picking up speed. Ahead of them, she began to make out the silhouettes of twisted limbs, although she suspected these were not the same branches from the Tree.


Mierna leaned in closer, a pang of worry ebbing into her thoughts that if they went too fast she would not be strong enough to hang on.


By the time they entered the shrouding mist, Vlanders had already surpassed the speed of a normal horse. His horns, now aglow with building power, lit the way through the sudden darkness while blue sunny skies were blotted out by the mist.

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