The Carving & Story Updates!


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On other news, Chapter 6 should be drawing to a close, thus completing the first part in the fourth book No’va.

Here’s where it left off…


“He is the one.” The thought from one to another was like a whisper on the wind. Yet Osha understood. A unicorn always did.

She stood as still as scattered stones beneath clear waters, the very same that trickled along to the location where her sister gracefully stepped. Though covered in baby fuzz flyaways and a tiny, twisted horn that perched upon their foreheads, the wisdom of unicorns past flowed through their veins.

Nostrils flared to take in the scent of humans recently gone. She had seen the entire thing, but could prevent nothing. Merla’s fate relied on visions while Osha had her own. Now, she turned her attention toward the leader of the group. The path was set. She had only to counter the coming events.


Lawn Gnome

I have to share this adorable lawn gnome that I’m working on for a card game commission…


Cover Progress 2

I originally had the entire horn dark, but I decided it might look better with the original white horn breaking off, leaving what’s left to slowly corrupt like the rest of its body – not entirely what happens in the novel. The horn actually corrupts first before it’s lopped off. But hey…. artist licence at work here.

I’m debating on adding Jenario into the picture. Without him, the cover still looks complete. And yet he was the reason behind this entire scene. So I might place him in to fight against the monster he created.


Cover Art “Wisdom” Revamp

Progress on the Dark Unicorn…


Printer or Publisher?

There comes a time in the career of writing where you have the books ready to be published, or previously published, and you want to check into another company. So what do you do? Do you submit to a printer? Or a publisher?

To print or publish? That is the question…

In the beginning, there was a book. So I worked for six years and on the 7th I submitted a proposal for publication. And everything I wrote and rewrote and edited and then some…was good. Until that day I started getting rejection letters. 

Now, I would love to manipulate the heavens to get that glowing acceptance letter, but it is very difficult with the competitive market of today. I was fortunate at the time to know someone in the small press business. That, however, changed when a return policy was canceled – no more book signings with name-brand companies. If a bookstore cannot return your book, they won’t take that chance to buy it for their shelves.

It’s back to the drawing board, but now I have options. Why wait on a publisher when I can just find a printer? The print-on-demand industry is growing daily. Many writers are becoming authors overnight, but it does take some research.

For myself, I’m ready to move on. I’m looking into Amazon. I’ll treat them as a printer. But Amazon doesn’t do book returns – It’s okay. Book signings don’t always need to be at Barnes & Nobles or Books-a-million. Find other locations… say an antique store. That may sound weird, but if both the store and you get business – why not?

So we go back to the question of a printer or publisher? Both have pros and cons. I’d recommend the WRITER’S MARKET if you’re looking for a traditional publisher. Try to get the latest year possible. Companies come and go, so the most recent one is helpful!

Currently, I’m in the process of reformatting the layout of my first two books. Amazon already has my third. Perhaps I’ll revamp the first cover art as well. Retire the old art. Start fresh.

Teaser Time!

Here’s where I am with Chapter 6… I’m nearing the reason why Jenario becomes what he does in the previous books.


Jenario’s boots crunched through several fallen leaves. He felt like a thundering giant compared to the nimble Trapper. Though not slim around the waist, Nathan knew how to keep his steps soft from years of hunting. Now and then he pulled out a flask from a side pouch. A quick sip drew a mischievous grin across the lips when he caught his companion looking.

“You best not be drinking when the baby’s due.”

“Ha!” Nathan downed the rest and slipped the empty container by his side. “That’d be a trick.”

“Aren’t you at least excited?”

“I was more into the ‘excitement’ before I realized what the consequences were.” He sighed heavily. “Just hope it’s a boy. At least with that I could teach him my trade.”

Jenario reframed from asking about the opposite gender. He cast a sideways glance at the slight beer-bellied man. Although no looker, Ahnalee seemed happy enough when they were together, a reminder of his own family waiting back at the Healers’ site.

Is Tia happy with me? The question slowly plagued his thoughts. Nathan, at least, has a useful skill that didn’t need council interference. What can my skills do? I barely know how to tell two flowers apart. If I want a marriage to happen, I’ll need something that truly impresses her.

He stopped abruptly when Nathan held out a hand. Still in his own thoughts, it took a moment before Jenario’s vision cleared to see the Trapper’s finger to his lips. He then knelt to examine the ground. To the untrained eye, there was nothing. Yet Nathan was an expert at spotting the slight rip in a leaf or how the grass was once mashed into the earth. Whatever it was had tipped the Trapper into believing something was close by.

“Stay here,” Nathan whispered, to which Jenario nodded.

We need a successful hunt. He watched the Trapper keep low as he moved slowly through trees. The click of bolt confirmed his crossbow was ready to fire. Is that little thing going to be enough to take down something large? Jenario never doubted the Trapper’s skills, but the thought of taking on a Black Wing seemed a bit out of place.

Soon he could see nothing, as Nathan had moved ahead through the underbrush. Not even a crumpling leaf could be heard. He’s good! Jenario took a moment to survey the area. Maybe there’s some wild herbs around here. He turned left. It seemed less dense in that direction. Best not wander too far.

Uncertain how long the Trapper would be, Jenario took a moment to examine the various plants growing along the forest floor. His thoughts reeled back and forth between different species of greens brought to him by council members. By the time the plants reached his desk, they had been already finely chopped and ready to be mixed with other ingredients. Occasionally, a leaf was missed and he would do the honors, or else Shafari might slip him something to use in his black marble mortar.

When nothing stood out, he moved on.