The Aging Process

I have to keep in mind while working on the novels that Shy is at least five years younger that his brother, Wisdom. In book one, Shy was only seven when introduced to the story. But by the time we get up to the end he seems fully grown. At least acts it.

So why isn’t Shy treated more like a teenager if he’s only fifteen by the end of the story?

Here’s the thing. Lo-ans’rel teach their offspring to be more responsible with their abilities. If they were humans, it would be different. But as a Healer, you get access to a vast amount of energy conducted through Nature, enabling you to shift into different animal forms, cast spells, mind read, and various other things.  But as the energy courses through the body, it keeps the aging process low. So in truth, you could look at a Lo-ans’rel and not be able to tell his/her age.

The older Shy gets, the more responsibilities he obtains. Even as a teenager, he’s a trained fighting machine, a force not to meddled with. There are rules laid down by the foundations of Nature. While breaking one won’t necessarily harm a Healer’s outwardly reputation, no deed goes unnoticed by Nature. Everything and everyone has its purpose in life. In order to keep balance, one must act accordingly.

So Shy’s age doesn’t mean he needs to act like a teenager. Instead, he’s under so much stress from his father that you can hardly tell the difference between the two brothers. Being albino, they’re basically twins, save for the face that Shy’s hair is down to his waist and he has green eyes.

So how does a Healer die if they’re constantly young looking? Well, a Healer dies when Nature finally withdraws her power from them. You see this in book one, though at the time it’s not really explained. I will probably put more detail into the process by the time Wisdom meets up with his three champions in book five.

Remember “Master Elementals” from the last concept? Masters are a little different when it comes to aging. Since Masters are essential to operating things for Nature, should a Master die, they re-spawn based upon their previous performance.

Misusing one’s power is a sure way to die for good!

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