Keepers VS. Healers

Types of Healers Concept

For my seventh book, I had planned for the encounter between Azrayel and Wisdom. Both are Healers at the time they meet, but I was lacking some back story to this new character. Now, I’m pleased to present Azrayel’s situation.

Azrayel suffers from a craving, having been violently separated from his prime connection with a grove of trees when he was younger. Back then, he was a Keeper. The difference between this and a Healer is the way they receive their shifting abilities.

Healers select an element and then exchange animal’s blood to receive the gift of shifting. The energy is stored directly in their blood and is affected should it become contaminated.

Keepers get their shifting abilities directly from a grove or single tree they protect. In exchange for this service, the tree produces a single fruit that is meant for its Keeper. Unlike Healers who can only receive animal shifts within their element, a Keeper may pick up other shifts outside its element depending on what animals have perished in the soil and is pulled into the tree’s root system to recycle as usual energy.

It is considered a sacred bond between a Keeper and his or her tree. The fruit that is given contains a special chemical that produces a craving like non other, and cannot be satisfied except by accepting more to eat. It also contains all required nutrients for a healthy body.

In Azrayel’s situation, there was a grove of trees that he shared with several other Keepers. Each had their own personal tree, but they were young and naive. They left their trees for long periods of time. Eventually, their trees rejected their return and produced a poisonous fruit. In anger, the young Keepers destroyed the grove. However, Azrayel had replanted his tree in the mountains, knowing that they would not heed his advice.

There’s a good way to leave a tree, and a bad way. The young Keepers eventually died. But Azrayel was cheated from his energy source when a lightning storm destroyed his tree as well. He was left with an unquenchable craving that nearly drove him mad.

It’s not until his meeting with Wisdom that he’s able to get the craving under control, and proceed with the knowledge that he may be the next Elemental Master…

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