Red Shells

I may have mentioned these before in a previous post. In the next couple of chapters, I’ll be getting into some of the sea creatures invading the shorelines due to the presence of the dark unicorn. One of these creatures is the “Red Shell” crab.

And, like the giant King Crabs we have today in our own waters, my latest is the “King” Red Shell crab.

So what’s the difference? Comparing the two, a normal Red Shell is about the size of a basketball. That’s pretty large to our everyday crabs. Red Shells are huge suckers to begin with. You don’t mess them unless you’re hunting for them or happen to come across a colony of them. It’s not so much that they bite, but those claws…. They each have one giant claw and one smaller one. The claws could easily clip off your foot for an adult Red Shell, while the babies could maybe take off your toe or a finger.

Now, the King Red Crab is a force to be reckon with. They can grow to be about the size of a pickup truck. So… let’s just say those suckers can cut you in half completely!

In the concept I came up with today, Wisdom is out with his older son and comes across one of these King Red Shells that had buried itself long ago off the shoreline. Come close enough, and it rises from the waters like some freaky volcano about to erupt.

Beware the water’s edge, my child! They’re chocked full of Red Shells!!

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