Ember Isles


Ember Isles was supposedly created at the time of Meriona’s “rebirth” as a Master of Fire. One of the things I would like to to do is repaint this scene. When I think of how this scene should look when Wisdom ventures out to find him in the upcoming book five Chosen, there should be more open water and less foliage.

If I were writing that scene… maybe something as follows…


He could see a buildup of rock formations beneath the water, offering a way to step across the smooth currents to the nearest stone gazebo. Round, fluted columns rose from a reflective marble floor and tapered off at the ceiling. An assortment of pruned bushes cleanly guarded either side of the walkway as Wisdom took his first few steps under the round breezeway’s ceiling.

All sides were open to explore the ocean’s scenic view. There was not a cloud in sight, save for a slither of smoke that curled from the floor vents directly in front of him. Though not as wide as the columns, they still rose waist-high in a line of four that followed the room’s contour in a semicircle.

Are these supposed to release gasses from volcanic activity? he wondered. 


I like the way this sounds so far. Perhaps I’ll do more of these short descriptions. They’ll come in handy when I actually get to that part of the novel.

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