Master Elementals

In book five, I plan to have three different Healers who represent each of the elements be the goal of my main character. His mission being to find these people are not the problem, it’s getting them to accept and understand why he needs their help.

Master of Fire: the Ember Mage


Merionathaniel Blaisn (Meri or Meriona) is the strongest of all elements due to the difficulty controlling fire. You could essentially call them “fire dancers” because in order to use it they have to move with it. Standing still and just extending a hand won’t work at all. And of course, they’re very territorial. Meriona prefers the quiet solitude of his Ember Isles, a series of islands off the coast of No’va. Very unsociable people. And moody. Meriona guards his islands with a jealous temper.

Master of Water: the Wave Racer


Yuri Sanssumi is the fastest of his mer-race, when it comes to water. On land, he is a skilled samurai-like warrior wielding two katanas and kick-butt attitude to match. He treasures his precious watery home and will seek aid from the infamous Red Shells to guard precious treasure, shells or sea gems. He would be the one you’d have to watch for if you went in search of sunken pirate ships. You’d never know what hit you. Nor, then, would the ship itself if he saw it a threat while directing the great migration of whales and other sea creatures.

Master of Air: the Wind Thief


Savannah Swift knows all your secrets, because there’s no spoken word that doesn’t go astray on the wind that she doesn’t hear. She can pinpoint your location based upon the air, her air, that you breath. So much for hide-and-seek! She can disappear on the fly and travel the currents to any destination she pleases. She’s very skilled in thievery with plenty of tricks and pranks to pull. A witty tongue slaps anyone down in their place. Being the youngest of the elementals makes her the sharpest, but dangerous to mess around with.

All masters have the capability of regenerating should they die (according to Nature’s law, and if they’ve proven useful in their task to keep balance within their element).

Each of these masters were preselected by the unicorn Osha herself, so they already know they’re chosen. It’s just a matter of when someone comes to collect them.

So what’s the problem? Probably the fact that none of the elements speak to one another. They’re so caught up in their own power that they’ve come to believe it’s one of their own who will claim their services. Not a happy day for Wisdom who has to learn how to fight each of them just to stay alive along enough to explain his presence.

So what happened the Master of the Earth? Well, that’s to be decided. As of right now, there is none for that element. But there may be a time when one is needed.

Wisdom himself is known as a Land Healer. Although he’s not one of the masters, he’s the only true Healer of any element because healing is required to taken energy from a living source. Fire, water, nor air are actual living specimens. So even though the masters are called Healers, they can’t truly heal but what’s required from their own element. If it’s a fire wound, that can be healed, or someone needing air to breathe. Otherwise, Wisdom and his people are it.

Makes them masters in their own right, huh?


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