Daily Concept: Level of Order

Short Story Concept

Reever Incorporated is a leading manufacturing company in charge of producing one-of-a-kind robotics. It was created by Joshua Reever’s father some sixty years ago when the first robot prototype literally changed the world. But when his father was killed involving a control malfunction, Joshua came up with a theory that involved spoken commands instead of levers and buttons. Called “Key Words”, these commands could be coded as simple everyday terms to control how a robot functioned. Yet, as all things go, the level of complexity and development in these creations called for more complex Key Words to control them. For the people responsible for coding meant increased brain activity, more understanding, but a lot more risks in mental breakdowns. For Joshua and others, this meant that each Creator was tagged with a device that could be controlled using a Key Word, so in the event of a breakdown they could be easily stopped.

As Joshua watches the human race improve from his creations, he begins to yearn for something more. A robot was nothing more than a machine. It could only react as its code allowed.

So what would happen if he created something that responded out of emotion rather than from a controlled environment, as humans did?

1) Joshua (main character)
2) Tripp (office/lab robot)


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