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Fantastic Beasts – Review

First impressions on Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

My first thought about this movie was what it was going to be about. I imagined this crazy guy’s case being opened and a whole bunch of creatures flying out Jumanji style. While that was only partially true, there was some serious dark stuff going around that drew everyone to Newt (main character) and to find his missing animals. Yes, some of them got out. But none of them were behind the dark magic that’s always present in the Harry Potter films.

This particular story actually takes place before the time of Harry Potter. We learn that Newt was expelled from school due to a similar incident when his creatures escaped. Now he’s come to the Unites States in order to finish some business with one of his prized possessions. That, however, cannot come to pass when he’s abducted by a young sorceress, who’s only intentions are to gain her title back as an investigator to the wizarding community.

As luck has it, Newt unintentionally befriends a non-mage (or Muggle) when his briefcase containing all his creatures gets switched while searching for his lost creatures. Not only does he have to track down the case, but find the ones causing mischief and stealing valuables from purses and store windows. While the unlikely heroes team up to track every creature down, they are constantly behind watched and end up in some sticky situations involving a death chamber and the real killer stalking the streets of New York.

Move over, Voldemort! Enter Grindelwald!

SPOILER ALERT! (don’t read if you haven’t seen the movie yet)

With everything that happens in the movie, I honestly forgot about Grindelwald. Turns out, he wasn’t even the one behind the destruction on the city. But he sure as heck tries to obtain its power.

Thanks to Johnny Depp, who briefly plays the part at the end when we realize he’s been using illusion to alter his appearance the whole time. Now we see who you really are!

What I Loved About the Movie

The creatures were amazing! A lot of imagination went into building believable species that could fill whole rooms or shrink to the tiniest corner. It had that Avatar affect, when you finally emerged into a world that shouldn’t exist. And yet it somehow does.

Newt’s world was created inside his briefcase. Sort of like in Dr. Who, “It’s bigger on the inside…” type thing. Yeah, the world of Harry Potter is famous for this.

Tons of action. Non-stop. Yet it still had these down-to-earth moments where you could take a breather and enjoy the scenery. I’d have to watch again just to take it all in. So much detail goes into sets and costumes. And I love how Newt was able to eventually use some of his creatures to help him out of traps and good-cop-bad-cop chases.

My Movie Rating 

4 out of 5 stars. I neglect the fifth star just because of the way the dark power and antagonist plays out. I get what he was after, but when he realizes the power is not where he thinks it is, he just screws himself up. Dumb move, buddy! Not that we know who it really is, but I hate when characters reveal themselves all too soon as the jerk that’s going to foil the protagonist’s plans until the end of the movie. Someone just slap them early on, please!

Comical and witty, this movie is great fun for family entertainment. Would recommend and see again!


Sample Chapter (Unedited)

End of Part II – that leaves 10 more chapters until completeion!

This is from the third book “Healer” in the Blue Moon Rising Trilogy

Abraham never realized how heavy a Black Wing was. Even for a half-breed, the weight of Corrigan’s wings nearly doubled Abraham’s task of prying the harpy from bed. With an arm around his shoulder, and being careful of the talons, Corrigan was finally pulled to a standing position.

“Think you could adjust yourself? You’re squashing me!” Abraham grunted under the harpy’s weight.

“You’d be dragging too if you had to stay in bed for months at a time!” Corrigan mumbled and blinked several times to clear his gaze. Carefully, he moved each wing to test their agility. The movement nearly sent them airborne.

“Save it for when we’re outside!” Abraham warned. “If Jenario comes up here, you’ll have to fly.”

Corrigan just snorted and allowed the young man to help him over to the balcony doors. “Took you long enough to figure the spell.”


Abraham breathed in deeply once the harpy’s weight was against the balcony wall. “Wasn’t easy. Only way to get his mind off magic was to bring up the past.”

“Add the horn to the mix, and you had your work cut out for ya, huh?” Corrigan sneered.

Abraham nodded grimly.

“Suppose I can’t complain. I’m out, and I thank you for it.” The harpy attempted an awkward bow, while still holding to the wall for support. It was not until the click of lock shifted his gaze past the young man and toward another standing just inside the patio doorway.

Abraham needed no hint as to whom stood behind him. In a single motion, he turned toward his father. “Fly….” he breathed.

From behind, he could hear Corrigan’s talons scraping over stonework. Though he kept a steady gaze with his father, the muffle of movement over the balcony wall confirmed the harpy had descended.

“I won’t let you take him back.” Abraham raised a hand in defense as he father stepped outside. A spell was already forming on his tongue when Jenario just shook his head.

“There’s no need for that.” He waved the comment aside. “Corrigan’s usefulness had long since run out.”

A thrash of underbrush below the balcony suggested the harpy had reached ground level. Although still weak, Abraham knew the harpy’s wings could still deliver a good blow. There came a distant crack of twigs and rustling leaves from the Black Wing’s entrance into the forest before all was still, save for the constant rumble of overhead thunder.

Abraham kept his distance as his father stepped over to the balcony wall. There came a chuckle.

“Expecting the horn, I see,” Jenario said softly, his gaze sweeping over the shadowed land. “But let it be known that it was my every intention to see him free.”

“By using others!” Abraham returned sharply. “I see how you work. I see how THAT thing works. It uses you the same way YOU use others to get what you want.”

There was a brief moment of silence while Abraham studied his father’s unusual cool attitude.

“I haven’t seen your assassin for a while. Did you finish using him as well?”

“Indeed.” Jenario’s change from relaxed pose to an intense stare-down caused beads of sweat to line the young man’s forehead.

What was i thinking? He thought, feeling the power drawing around his father. I’m not strong enough to stand up to him OR the horn. They’d obliterate me by mere thought!

A sly smile spread across Jenario’s lips, and the eyes lit with an inner flame.

“Now what purpose would that serve when you still have potential,” the horn spoke gently. “As for Nathanial…” A shrug. “Let’s just say, I sent him into early retirement.”

Abraham lowered his eyebrows in disgust. “Maybe my father doesn’t see you as a puppet master, but I do. And I was not about to see that Black Wing’s demise!”

“So you did,” the horn replied, that crooked a smile still upon his lips as he eyed Jenario’s son.

“And I will not allow myself to be used for your gain either.” The young man started to back away. When the horn said nothing, he turned and dashed for the bedroom door, only to find it locked. Heart pounding, he raced for the secret passage. Flinging aside the paneling, he stared stupidly at the dark void of swirling portal blocking his path.

In frustration, Abraham slammed the paneling shut and whipped around. His father had moved to the only exit the room contained: the balcony.

“As I said before,” the horn cooed, “should something happen to the harpy, YOU”LL be taking his place.”

“I’ll not be kept under your spell!” Abraham returned.

“Of course not. You’ll just undo it. No, I have better plans for you. But for now,” the horn turned away from the bedroom. “There’s a war about to rage, and I plan to attend its final outcome.”

“What war?”

“One your father has prepared so nicely.”

Abraham slowly ventured over to the doors once Jenario stepped back outside, only to find the space vacant.

The distinct sound of a four-legged animal clopping over barren soil drew his attention below. While only a glimpse of the unicorn was seen before entering the forest, Abraham could not help but feel trapped. Jenario had locked the door when he had entered, and a dark portal blocked the secret passage.

He leaned over the wall to judge how far he was from ground. The tower room was the tallest structure on the building. Just thinking about climbing down sickened his stomach, and he started to back away.

There was a whoosh of wind at his back, followed by loud flapping. A strong pair of hands gripped under his arms and lifted him out over the balcony. With a yelp, Abraham dangled helplessly in midair.

“Thought you might need a lift,” came the voice of Corrigan as the two sailed out over the trees.

“You came back?” Abraham glanced up, then swung his feet to avoid hitting a limb. “Watch it!” he warned, his legs pumping to keep from hitting anything.

“I can’t lift you any higher!” Corrigan called. “We’ll be landing shortly!”

“Not out here!” Abraham exclaimed as a streak of lightning lit the sky. “You’re going to kill us both!”

The Black Wing angled his descent, circling Jenario’s home in the process to look for a place to land. The storm cloud was intense, shadowing the land with its enormous size.

“Somehow, I doubt that’s his plan now, or we’d been long gone by now.”

“The horn mentioned something about a war!” Abraham shouted. “Do you think Keith knows?”

“We’ll soon find out,” Corrigan responded.

A fresh breeze signaled freedom near the borders of Sapphire. Even with the storm looming around them, the feel of Jenario’s power grew fainter. Holding tight to the feathering around the harpy’s arms, Abraham allowed himself to be carried, hoping and praying he could somehow play a role in stopping whatever his father had started.

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