There’s a lot to tie up in the last book, and I’ve barely gotten through the fourth in the series. But let’s just see what I can come up with.

Concept Summary
In Book V Chosen, Wisdom is tasked with finding all the Elemental Masters and bringing them together. In the final book Purification, they must unit two portals to reveal the final location needed to purify the land.

The Dark Unicorn, Merlock, is losing power. Yet the land is still being devoured at a rapid rate to keep his current level of energy. A new race emerges, failed experimentations on humans to create nothing more than living pots of energy for the taking. These are called Dracons, and they have an alarming lust for carnage. Merlock also attempts to gain back his foreseeing visions by searching out the Foreseers at Luxor Castle, with devastating consquences.

Wisdom discovers that the portals will only work if all four elements come together, but with Merlock’s stolen energy from each of the masters, he may only need the Land Healer to activate it himself. When that fails, Wisdom is secretly released for the purpose of making it easier to find the location of Two Spheres. Once activated, the real battle begins as the fight for No’va takes place between the two unicorns.

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