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Journey Review

I had heard good things about this game, and finally got a chance to play once I received a PS4 system. I was not disappointed in the least.

Your journey starts out as a robed figure wandering the hot desert, always going towards a towering mountain looming in the background. As you uncover the puzzles of your surroundings, you’re accompanied by another of your kind. I’ve played the game twice, and so far have seen the normal red like me.. and then a white robed figure. Either way, you choose whether you want them to come with you or journey alone.

The game has a lot of surprises waiting for the player. I thoroughly enjoyed sliding down the dunes in one section, and then hiding from mechanical monsters in the next. It’s those elements that keep it entertaining, even though the game is short.

The ending is both satisfying and personal. I feel every time you play there’s a different interpretation waiting for the next playthrough. I think it took a couple of plays to understand the meaning of all the symbols appearing on the wall when you reach certain points. I was glad to see there was a different in the symbols if you travel alone or play with your companion.


Overall, would recommend to everyone. It’s well worth a look and time. And the music is excellent!

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