Book V “Chosen” introduces each of the Elemental Masters as the main character discovers why each was chosen to represent a part of Nature. In one particular scene, Master Yuri Sanssumi directs our hero down into an underwater cavern to show him the beauty and hidden dangers of the sea. As Master of Water, Yuri reveals this by giving a 360 view through cavern openings, suppressing the water from coming in while images of creatures and fish swim outside. It’s unclear whether they are actually there, until the hero tries to touch the watery windows, breaking the pressure bubble and escaping back to the surface before the cavern completely floods.



Some quick references we could see….

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I have not drawn the book’s squid creature yet. So this is as close as I could find.


  • Can grow to enormous proportions with tentacles that can trail for miles behind it. The actual “head” is just a swimming mechanism that either floats or propels through water. The real head of the creature is in one of the tentacles. There are at least 3-4 tentacles. One is tipped with poison for defense purposes, but can cause problems with other sea animals as well if they get tangled. Is usually docile unless threatened. 
  • Offspring grow up in a shielded section of swamp waters that connect with the ocean. Kha’lari young ride out on the next high tide where they swarm in large groups that look like jellyfish or squid.
  • Yuri is in charge of keeping populations in check.

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See the source image

  • King Red Shell: These bus-sized crabs are the “kings” of the ocean. They are highly aggressive creatures with an appetite to match. Their red-topped shells are tipped with spiked edges while barnacles and smaller fish ride the white underside. It has two claws, one massive while the other more for gathering food. This creature is mostly a bottom feeder, but will occasionally come up if ships are too close for comfort. King Red Shells are a captain’s worst nightmares. The closer to shore, the closer to danger their ship might be. Luckily, these crabs are not the fastest, allowing most ships to out-sail it.
  • Red Shells: As a smaller cousin to their “king”, these melon-sized crabs are the beach bombers for swimmers. One snip can remove a foot with their nasty over-sized pinchers. The same in coloration, they usually gather in clusters to feed near shore and often burrow in the sand so the pounding waves don’t carry them off. They’re fairly quick on land, but prefer to remain beneath the water’s surface.
  • A sailor’s warning, “Where’s there’s one, there’s fifty!”


King Red Shell by bonbon3272


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See the source image



What I think he could look like from Book IV No’va.

Thomas Gracie PaintingThomas_Gracie_LineART

What’s Coming Next?


I’ve come to a section in the chapter where I’m trying to decide what will make the group go into the woods. If they wait for night, then they run the risk of Everest’s sisters coming out for the hunt… unless I place them at risk of being hunted in broad daylight and they not know it. Either way… they have to go in there.

black wings

Here’s a painting I put together showing the size between the White and Black Wings compared to humans. It’s the Black Wings they are presently concerned with… for good reason.

Comic Dialogue

I did take some time this morning to flesh out a bit more of the characters’ conversations as they leave the ship. It gives some information as to why the three characters have arrived in Astra. Here’s what I have so far… (very rough notes – BE WARNED)


Wisdom introduces Nina. “This is Nina”

Kris is not impressed while Nina refuses to make eye contact.

Kris: I hope you realize what you’re getting yourself into.
She says this to Wisdom. “She’ll be questioned by every official and regarded with distrust whoever else sees her.

Wisdom: Hmmm… Illusion should suffice for now, me thinks? (illusion inverts her hair color). The meeting is more important than petty quetsions by townspeople. That, we can get around. When does the meeting take place?

Kris: You’ve arrived in good time. Less than a week. But you’ll be too busy to address such concerns. I should hope this is why you’ve brought your Ember Mage.

Wisdom: Already? I’ve nearly just arrived and you’re sending me away? (chuckles)

Kris: between conversations, motions for the guards to get their belongings. She tells them they are clear to leave the ship.

Kris: I have someone who wishes to meet with you (at this point they are disembarking the ship). I’ve been told it’s regarding a contract between your people and his.

Wiz: A contract?

Kris: Are you familiar with the Myrr Family Bloodline?

Wiz: Can’t say I am. I’m guessing they’re not…human?

Kris: (smirk) Not even close.

Nina watches guards cart away their luggage.

Kris: There no need to wait for your belongings, dear. They’ll be taking a different route than what we do.

Wiz: A shortcut, no doubt.

Kris grins and they start to end toward town.

Kendra: So wait? You’re lining up stuff for him to do so that he leaves? (crosses arms) I hope you’re not expecting us to just sit up in a stuffy room somewhere.

Kris: Where we go, dear, you’ll have plenty of room to let off some steam.

Kendra is not impressed.

Nina looks preoccupied. She has slipped on cape and has a hood covering her face.

They’re walking toward town. Nina looks around at all the blooming flora.

Nina: it’s pretty here.

Ken: Would take two seconds to turn to ash.

Wiz: Let’s get back to the matter at hand. (glares at Kendra)

Kris: Of course. Dark Ones. (not fazed by Kendra’s words, even smirks back)

Nina: It’s not just them. We’re looking for what makes them become Dark Ones.

Kris: So there is a trigger after all. I had my suspicions.

Nina: What remains of Dark Magic lies dormant beneath the earth as a type of energy. It only actives when a living being encounters it.

Kris not impressed again.

Kris: You say it’s dormant? Pan! Not enough it would seem.

Wiz: So far only non magic-users have been affected… and some animals. But I take it you’ve had some instances here?

Kris: (looking at Nina) You think our town looks pretty now? You would think otherwise once you leave out on the other side. Nothing but barren wasteland. That is what a Dark One would do here unless we deal with them immediately… before they fully change.

Nina: You kill them when they could be helped. (hint of anger here in those eyes)

Wiz: This is another reason why we’ve come. There’s no need to kill anyone. Not anymore. Not with Nina here.

Kris: And yet she doesn’t have magic, does she? (glances over to Nina) What can you do that’s any different, I wonder?

Kendra: Guess that’s for us to know and you to find out.


As the group of friends find themselves traveling down different paths to explore the new world, one group transitions from a scene into another. The tall grassy fields of Sapphire have expired as Nickademis, Mididus, Nemmerel, Phine and Everest find themselves in a lush green meadow.

I’m still developing the scene before them. The meadow stretches as far and wide as they can possibly see until they reach the wooded areas. Eventually, this will become the home to the Eastern Clan. Other clans will soon form once they clear it of the carnivorous Black Wings.

Everest has two full-sized sisters who claim territory beyond the open plains. It will be quite the adventure should they meet.



Backtracking Chapter 2

So after writing Chapter 2 in the second part of the novel “No’va” I realized that I was leaving out one of the characters. Although we know this particular character from the first trilogy, writing him into a prelude has been interesting.

In the original books, Mididus can speak. But upon first meeting the rest of the characters, he’s younger and mute. He can only make hand signals while their Healer friend tries to interpret by reading images from his mind.

At first I merely mentioned that he was present and couldn’t communicate with the group. After I finished the chapter, I realized that it was unfair he be treated as a bystander or “expendable”. So I gave him more interactions and made the group respond to his presence in a more friendly manner.

Mididus and others like him were probably kept around only for labor. As I continue into the rest of the chapters, we will likely get more opportunities to reveal his past.

Page 13 Progress

Nearly done… just needs a background…


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