Yuri vs Wisdom

When I start into book 5, and Wisdom meets all three elemental masters, I thought of a concept concerning the Master of Water… Yuri. I imagine how he might react to this “underling” supposely chosen by Nature to respresent them. However, Yuri is not one to easily follow the orders of another, especially one who’s only seen two decades of existence.

What I think might ensue is Yuri constantly picking on Wisdom. Or at least make it seem like he’s doing so. Things such as holding his katana out at the right moment to trip him, or using his element to randomly splash or toss him about. All these things combined infuriates Wisdom, but out of respect he doesn’t try to challenge the Master. It’s not until he’s given a hint to learn from this Samurai warrior and return the challenge that Yuri starts to reciprocate the respect.

Australian Pianist

Jonathan Ong, Austalian pianist will be performing LIVE in 30 min… let’s see if I can pitch him another song request!

When I first started to watching his channel, I decided to have some some fun… so I pitched him an original piece he was not expecting… his expression is priceless !

In a previous post, I had mentioned how dragons could possibly exist later on in the series. The question is… can a Healer take the form of a dragon if offered its previous blood as a gift?

In short… no.

The reason why is because dragons in my series exist outside normal elements. They’re not created from Nature. They were created from manipulated energy left after the destruction of the Dark Horn. It may be possible for one of the Masters to try, since they can regenerate and their energy supply is more abundant than normal Healers. But for the most part, if a regular Healer were to obtain dragon’s blood and try to shift, the magnitude of power within a single drop would not only corrupt their own blood, but kill them almost instantly.

A dragon’s blood is as black and soulless as a moonless night in the dead of winter, cold and hungry. To attempt to obtain a shift from one of these creatures, a Healer (if capable) would only be able to shift within a five minute period. Then they must purge its power from their bodies as quickly as possibly, less it steal their own life-force along with it.


There’s actually more progress than this but… but I forgot to update it online… so here’s where it stands at the moment.

I was streaming on Twitch when it suddenly went down. The day I killed Twitch was because I was drawing 10,000 hairs on his arm!





Dragons. They are a frequent visitor in medieval lore and fantasy, delighting audiences on screen and in written form. In a low-key Fantasy novel, you might even catch a glimpse of one or two.

So are dragons going to show up in the series I’m currently writing?

Currently, there are no dragons planned, at least not the typical ones. I would like a sea dragon’s appearance, even if it’s one of the Elemental Masters shape-shifting. Yet, if dragons were planned for possible sighting later on, how could they be included if none exist?

Do you have a series of books already published, or came up with an idea later on after the fact? Here’s how that could work.


Sometimes in order to add a creature or two into your stories that weren’t present before is to revisit overlooked parts of the story. Is there a form of magic that you may have forgotten about? A dark cave where you haven’t explored yet? How about exploring the depths of the ocean?

I decided that in order for them to have any kind of presence in the story, there needed to be a reason why they existed in the first place. Dragons are cool for show, but do they really add anything to the story? The same would go for any other creature that may make a later appearance. For this particular series and according to how magic works, magic gets divided into two kinds – Light and Dark.

This falls back to a previous blog post of how I believed people were turning into Dark Ones. It starts with excess Dark magic that’s been neutralized – planned for Book VII. An overwhelming amount of this fluctuating magic needs to be put somewhere. So in order to take the concept further I could start introducing this manipulating energy into normal creatures, such as lizards. Perfect! Now dragons can be a part of the mix because the magic is changing their appearance and behavior patterns.

Now we can have the main character flounder about because he doesn’t know what to do, which is okay for a bit of fun and experimentation! This gives way to new creations, new areas to explore, and the occasional plot twist or something that helps in story developing.


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