Janus Character Concept

Janus was originally created as an older gentleman, an illusion used by Imitation Spiders to lure victims into their layers. The latest concept was inspired by an actual person, who will make an appearance at some point in the online comic “Nina” when things get a little “out of hand”…

Janus Character


Artemus has come to the Council meeting to seek renewal on the current contract between his people and the Healers. He is a direct descendant of the Myrr bloodline. His family has lived long, healthy lives due to the magic in Healer blood. If the contract doesn’t get renewed, he fears in time his people may return to their blood-lusting ways.

Artemus Character2Artemus Character



Sea of Thieves Trailer

Now this looks epic! I’ve always loved games that had good water graphics. From what I’ve seen, this game looks very promising with that. And with any sea adventure, there’s rumors or creatures to come. It’s a fairly new game that can be played with friends. Discover treasure, fight other pirates, take hold of your own ship, sing sad lullabies, and water out for sharks! Question is… how long can you hold your breath underwater???

AND…. the Kraken?? Is it coming? And when?!! There are recordings of strange “teaser” monster calls in the distance. So perhaps it’s sooner than we think. From only having seen a few pieces of it, this looks fairly promising.


She’s first introduced on page 5 of “Nina” where she’s heading toward the ship with her two guards. Question is… does she really need them?

Krisyana Character Concept


Krisyana Character Concept

New domain name that suits all the comics and cartoons I do for the Wisdom Novels® Series!!!!


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