I remember watching some of the old Jason movies with friends and thinking how cheesy they were. When they did one in outer space, we were rolling on the floor when he knocked off this robot’s head.

“I think you better run!” No kidding!

However cheesy the movies were, the game played with online friends is actually pretty fun. Choose to play as Jason, or run around with your friends to complete the objectives in order to escape. The video below is played by John Wolfe on his YouTube channel.

I happend to catch some of his LIVE footage over on Twitch, where his friends started goofing around in the graveyard. Hilarious! Give it a watch.

Snippet Time!

What I’m currently working on in the latest chapter of No’va.


Its puce skin looked soft and moist from being in the humid climate. If not for a few sharp features and wings flinging even more mud at their faces, it might not have looked very intimidating. Another bubble brought several more into the air. One even carried its young, which clung to its underside and squeaked when the parent made any sudden movements.

Providence held his position, keeping himself between the men and harpy-demons. If he spoke to them, it came out in a series of clicks and sharp gurgles. Whatever the meaning, the creatures returned with threatening hisses. Soon the Healer began to back up where the men were standing. Slightly turning his head to peer over one shoulder, he warned, “Prepare yourselves.”

While the men just looked at one another and around at their sloppy situation, Jenario had his eye somewhere else.

“The water.” He nudged one of them in the direction of the island. “We can swim for it.”

The idea of swimming in swamp water was no more appealing than what suddenly swooped down at them. At a shout from Providence, the men turned to flee. Some of them ended face-down in the muck while harpy-demons clawed at those who still managed to keep their footing. There were at least twelve, with more on the way as Jenario noticed larger bubbles beginning to pop along the tunnel’s edge.

Like the others, Jenario kept his arms over his face when he was attacked. They came in pairs, effectively moving the men away from those who carried young. In between the chaos of yanking at his clothing, pinching claws and bites, he noticed those carrying smaller ones stayed back. There was no sign of Providence, though he caught a hint of green robe in between flapping wings and heard his commands to get as far from the tunnels as possible. Whether the harpy-demons actually attacked the Healer, he was unsure. At the moment, they just needed to find a way out, so Jenario took the one opportunity he had before a leathery wing gashed his cheek.

He dived. It came as a surprise that his boots got the traction they needed for the final push over the mound and down under the water. It was too murky to see, but he could hear several splashes from above as though the creatures tried to follow.

Jenario did not wait. The water was not deep, as his hand quickly touched a slimy bottom. Things that grew underwater slipped along his stomach. He could feel the bark of trees, or what he assumed were trees silently decaying in the dark. He found places to hold and started pulling himself along. Best to stay low, he realized. If they see any disturbance in the water, they might come back.

His thoughts drifted to the other men when muffled variations of dives came from behind. It was an oily sound, like slapping a thick soup. The cooks used to do that back at Mayla when they had just hauled in unusual looking shelled fish, fresh from port. They would slap their ladles across their hard backs in attempts to keep them down, just long enough for the pot’s lid to clamp shut. After the steaming process, they were then peeled and ladled into a thick stew. It had made a delicious impression on the council, who requested it more often than the normal broths containing just vegetables and beef. One would think a chef would not have needed an alchemist, but tasteful ingredients were always needed. Thus Jenario found himself called upon for food preparation more so than medicine, and he hated every moment of it. The very smell of his current pardictument was a good reason to despise becoming a culinary alchemist. A sudden flashback to himself pulverizing oil glands from a stinking fish corpse made his stomach churn.

He thrust up for a quick breath, unable to hold it any longer. The water did not fully break as quickly as a clear stream would have, so he received a mouthful of floating debris and muddy water. This set off a sputter of choking
gasps and hacks to clear his lungs. The gash on his cheek stung once in open air, sure it would get infected from whatever else sufficated in its muddy clutches.


The image below might be something they swim in to reach the so-called ‘island’

swamp water


People love the internet, so much that they take it with them wherever they go. Tablets, phones, iPods – all of these inventions make it possible for us to connect… and be connected to our family and friends. We can even go to certain channels and view pre-played games so we know their endings. The same can be said with movies. We all love to know the ending, right?

What if we knew some of these “endings” in real life? What if, once we connected to our Bluetooth device, that it enabled the internet to pre-hypothesize how our daily routines went? It might have some positive influences, such as knowing whether your boss will agree with your presentation on how to budget, and what better solutions to come up with beforehand. Or maybe that kid who wanted to take certain medications to get a high – how would that all end? A blackout behind the wheel? Jail time? What if he could determine the best way to avoid all that and decide not to take it? How about choosing between a bad proposal and a good proposal for your future spouse? Avoiding a wreck? Passing an exam at school?

All of these could be achieved if we knew a few simple endings we could pick from. We could get so caught up in “choose your daily life” story that it’s ALL we do. You do it now. The problem is disconnecting. Because you can’t. You don’t know what will happen if you do. Others will know. The internet will show them. But by then it will be too late for us all.

If we let artificially intelligent devices “pick” our next move, then where would the surprise be in life? Everyone would already know if you’re having a baby. Everyone would already know about the planned birthday celebration. Everyone would already know about the proposal for marriage, or that job promotion, or whether someone’s robbing a bank.

The ending has already been chosen. YOUR ending has already been chosen.


It can’t read your thoughts if you . . . . . 


This is a wonderful and fun game developed by one individual, which took about five years to complete. The voice acting is actually done with the help of popular YouTubers, such as Pewdewpie and Jacksepticeye. I love the music in the game as well. The piano is a favorite instrument of mine, and it just works so well with the feel and style.

The story unfolds as you play Ted, an ex-minister looking for his 3-year-old daughter in the depths of a wintry blizzard. As you uncover clues about Ted’s mysterious past, you start to realize that there’s more to the wintry wonderland than meets the eye. With the help of your faithful dog, you start your journey in hot pursuit of Mr. Pinstripe – to discover the truth and save your daughter.


I was thinking about this scene between the three Elemental Masters and the Dark Horn. Because Wisdom has such a rough time with them at first, he leaves out of frustration. But soon he realizes that he cannot give up so easily. However, when he returns all the Masters have vanished. Toward the north, he hears thunder and realizes they’ve foolishly gone up against the Horn’s storm.

Hastily, he goes to warn them but finds they’ve already engaged in battle. But something’s wrong. The storm is raging around them. They’re not even fighting a dark unicorn. They’re fighting themselves.

Before Wisdom can stop them, the storm drains part of their energy. As Wisdom tells his fiancée later on, “Something was taken from them.”

The concept behind the fight is when the Masters go looking for the darkness, they don’t even know what they’re supposed to fight against. So when they go up against the storm, it starts pulling on their pride. It fills their minds with negative thoughts until they turn on each other. Whereas before, they each became their own element, now they must somehow be near or carry it with them. This is the ability it stole from them.

And now it plans to use it in the final battle.


Here’s a semi-cute thriller game, played by John Wolfe  on his Youtube Channel. If you’ve ever seen or played Limbo or Inside, the storyline follows the same platform gameplay where you just keep going until the end. You have no idea where you are or what your purpose is. The puzzles are fairly simple to solve, but the mystery drives you forward.

Unlike the other two games, which chose to keep color suppressed, this one I felt offered a little more to its dark theme. The yellow slicker pops the character out among a dull, ugly crowd of grotesque and obviously gluttonous monsters. One thing catches your attention immediately – it’s all about the food. While the rest seem so plump and stuff their faces toward the end of the game, you on the other hand seem starved and advance but so far before you start craving something to eat. Meanwhile, you’re surrounded by huge chunks of meat… wherever it may come from.

I like how even though it’s a platform-type game, there’s still a 3D element to it. That way you can move around the environment and interact with objects. I love this one crazy scene where all the giants are chasing you. The developers did a good job where it feels escape is impossible. All you can do is run!




This is a fairly new game that’s been released on Steam. The story is quite different, as it’s told by the person you’re playing. She then reads the stories of her family members as they die off one by one, but you get to see how they go and play their side as well. It’s a very interesting take and there’s so much detail that you have wander around just to see everything.

I’m posting a piece of the series, played by MrKraven. He does a lot of interesting horror-type games on  his channel. I love watching people’s expressions as they game and then get to hear their opinions afterwards. It’s a nice way to see whether a game is worth buying. If my computer could handle the graphics, I’d totally get this.


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