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Jenario took deep breath to calm himself. With a nod, he accepted those words and had just given the horse a hefty pat on the neck when an owl landed on the branch above. The two men peered up at the bird, receiving a series of friendly coos. It then glided down, shifting right before landing. Once the glow of silver magic had faded, Providence greeted them with an apology.

“You must forgive me,” he started. “I would have been here sooner, but a few of our members were not fully in agreement with this plan.”

“To make an antidote?” Thomas Gracie asked. “Or do you mean helping us in general?”

“It’s a little of both, I’m afraid,” Providence said with a sigh. “If you recall Sarra. I believe she’s helped a bit in the past. She has a taken leave with a few others. They’ve gone to the Element of Water.”

Thomas Gracie had furrowed his eyebrows in concern when Jenario glanced over at him. Certain that he was thinking of taking the blame for their interaction, the alchemist was quick to add in his own apology.

“I’m sorry. It was never our intention…” But he stopped when the Healer held up a hand to silence him.

“It was bound to happen sooner or later,” was his solemn reply. “I never expected her to stay as long as she did. But I didn’t expect her to simply change elements. There’s a limit to the number of changes. Surpassing that can corrupt the blood. After that we’re forced to become what we call a Category, one without any element at all.”

“I assume you frown upon those who do?” Thomas Gracie inquired, to which Providence nodded.

“It’s rare. But it does happen.” He then turned his attention to the large draft. “The this is that I do not believe your people were an accident. Sarra did. Portals like the one you came through can be only activated by way of Nature. As I’ve explained to my clan, and to Sarra, it was Nature who brought you all here. For what purpose, we’ve yet to see. But I do what I can if it’s within my power to do so.” He glanced to Jenario. “That being said, are you ready?”

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Snippet from “Mierna & the Keeper of Nightmares”


A blinding blue-green light washed across the floor. Even with her hands covering her face, she could feel the warmth of its glow and furry body that whisked passed her. There came a thud from a well-placed kick, followed by a yelp. Mierna lowered her hands to see a white animal crash into the table, knocking over books. Claws ripped into the carpet to get a foothold before it was up and leaping off the walls back toward her. Just as quick, it was met a with another swift blow that must have knocked the wind from it. Huffing and choking on its back, Mierna stared at the distinguishable form of Vlanders towering above it with a cloven hoof pinning down his opponent.

Yet as swiftly as it started, it was over. He withdrew without hesitation, allowing the other to her feet. For a moment, the two stared each other down, horns aglow with equal amounts of power. Yet it was Vlanders’ pulsating glow that persuaded the other to back down. With a slight bow, it turned and vanished. The lights flicked back on. A click of doors unlocking, and they were reopened to their original states.

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From Part II, Chapter 15 “Onyx” (originally titled “No’va”)


“Found this little fellow on the way. Thought I’d give it a go.”

“This?” Jenario poked its side but it didn’t move. “You sure you didn’t smother it already?”

“Its eyes are still open,” Shafari returned, but Jenario cocked an eyebrow in doubt.

“I don’t see its throat moving like they normally do.”

“You’re confusing it with a bull frog.” Shafari waved a hand. “Okay, stand back! Here goes…” After looking down at the paper a moment, he began a slow chant that Jenario could only compare to croaking. It was a mesh of slurring which produced a mid-way hiccup. Then, they waited.

Jenario lowered himself so he could be eye-level with the tabletop. “It’s dead.” With a sigh, he straightened. “Where did you find it again?”

“Oh, just near some piled stone. Look! See, it’s moving!”

“I thought you said this was a sleep spell?” Jenario eyed the twitching from one of its tiny toes when a burst of flame lit along its back and soon engulfed the rest of the body. He sat back and rolled his eyes. “Wow….”

“Hmmm.” Shafari shuffled through his notes scribbled out along the edges of the papers. “Must have mixed up the meanings.”

“Just promise me you won’t try this on a person…unless we need a pyre.” He got up from the table and went over to a shelf. There, he picked up a container to scoop the smoldering toad into.

“Oh, shush! Let me think.” However, the smell of burning skin started up a fit of coughing. While Jenario let the tent flaps open, Shafari made a hasty departure and gulped in fresh air. “May I?” His voice cracked as he held up the vial of pink sand taken from the Study.

Jenario finally agreed. “Sure. Why not? Can’t imagine how you get anything out of it.”

“It’s all in the potential.” The mage waved a hand to signal his leave. “Until next time.”

Jenario only shook his head and watched the mage go, still coughing as he went. He glanced back at the tent with dark smoke beginning to drift out.

“Can’t wait….”

Chapter Snippet

From “Onyx” Book 4 – Title changed from “No’va”

It was quicker to reach the closely-built houses lining the streets by way of bird. Once on the rooftop, Providence changed back into his squirrel form to scout out which was the correct building. He could distinctly make out certain smells wafting through the air. When he recognized a particular scent, he scampered across shingles, leaping narrow gaps between buildings and alleys, until he paused to sniff again. He knew her scent, had inhaled it when they first met in the icy caverns. It guided him to the doorway of the family’s temporary home. There, the scent was strongest.

Making sure no one saw him shift, he returned to his true form and knocked lightly upon the wooden door. Tufted ears pricked at the faintest movement within. Soon, footsteps could be heard coming toward him, and he stepped back when the door opened.

Light touched upon her face as she stood framed in the doorway. A few strands of flyaway pixie-cut hair fell around the sides of her temple. For a human, she was a vision of flawless strength, and for once in his life no words could pass his lips. Instead, his gaze trailed to a hand still gripping the door handle. One wrong word and he knew she would shut it without hesitation. In her other arm nestled her son, who appeared to be napping against her shoulder.

“Yes?” The voice was stern but not cold, though her arched eyebrow’s questioned why the Healer stood at her threshold.

“I’m…very sorry to disturb you ,” he said quickly. “Jenario had asked me to collect a metal funnel. He was working on something and…couldn’t leave his studies presently.” He could she was judging him, yet her expression remained devoid of emotion.

“Is that so?” Tia replied, and he heard the tap of her finger on the door handle. “It’s not like him to entrust others with his supplies.” A faint smile cracked one corner of her lips.

“It was a bit sudden, but dangerous to leave unattended.” Providence motioned behind him. “And I’m sure you’re aware one of your members is still unconscious. Jenario believed he possessed a treatment.”

It was tempting to let his Sight-reading abilities scoop into her current thoughts, but after a moment’s hesitation she offered him entry.

Come One. Come All.

Soon.. the circus will be here. Are you ready? Would you take the ticket?

Log Cabin

I always liked building things when I was a kid. We had building blocks in a family attic where a bunch of us would get together and just build all sorts of things.

Blender acts in a similar way. I can make my own building blocks and put them together. So in a sense, I’m recreating the same but using advanced technology. The same feeling is there while working on it. Excitement and adventure! The possibilities are endless. is a free open-source program. Get it! It’s so worth the time to learn it.

This is a work in progress piece…

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So long as everything goes according to plan, Mierna book one will be officially published on March 17, 2021 (St. Patrick’s Day!)

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