Chapter Snippet

A tiny red crab scampered across the sand. It was not afraid of Mididus in the slightest and nearly crawled over his foot to reach one of the large rock formations stacked along the shoreline. Its brilliant red coloring shone well in the moonlight, but it was that large set of pinchers that Mididus kept his eye on the most. Like a jousting match, the tiny crab wielded it high as a knight would a lance, jabbing at his boot until he stepped aside. In amusement, it temporarily took his mind off his companions elsewhere. 

He glanced to the water’s edge. The gentle roll of sea water lazily washed over the sand, just enough to wipe away any imperfections until it was as smooth as polished steel. Where the water could not reach, the tracks of the red crab continued, until they vanished at the base of the rocks. Curious, he peered around to see where it might have gone. To his amazement, it had already climbed to the top and was preening its largest pincher. 

The young man continued to watch as the crab turned on a dime to reveal its prickly back shell. Even for its size, they appeared as sharp thorns in the moonlight. It waved its long pincher back and forth in a hypnotizing manner, leggs tapping the rock’s surface as it scuttled from side to side. Something was apparently upsetting up it. 

Stepping closer, Mididus stooped down and let his gaze focus just beyond the crab to see what it saw — and froze. 

It was there, in the grass, a pair of two glowing orbs staring back at him. 

Chapter Snippet

A crushing blow to her chest knocked Roseblood off to the side. Landing hard, she grappled with tangled wings curled under her heavy body. In the heat of confusion and clouded judgment, she leaped at the first sign of movement. Forgetting that one wing still hung in impotence beneath her, it did little more than cushion the next blow. Her breathing labored against the uncanny feel of pierced breast as she was tossed against a dead tree. A splintering crack of aged wood echoed in suggestion of possible collapse. Still, stubbornness and the pride of a potential kill rushed strength through her haggard body. 

Something sticky splattered against her feathers. She did not have to look to assume what dripped from her ripped feathers. With a pain-filled screech, she found a new target, the approach of one she recognized almost immediately. There was no denying those white-tipped ears when the slender figure approached. Now Roseblood understood what had struck her. The ground was alive with called magic mingling into the roots of the trees. She would need to be quick. 

No ground was swift enough to ensnare her fury. Roseblood was airborne before the Healer could move, standing defiantly like a lone sentinel. Her shrill cry of victory combined with a snap of roots. Still midflight, the old tree toppled. Talons touched ground in front of her prey, claws poised for the strike. A moment too late, a shriek of realization escaped her dark lips.

Valkyrie Queen – WIP

Valkyrie Queen from “God of War IV” – commission.

Chapter Ending & When?

I get this question quite often. When do you end a chapter? How do you know when to start the next?

I tend to treat each chapter like a mini story. When I feel it has served its purpose, I go to the next chapter. Now, this doesn’t mean an actual mini story is in each one, but a fragment of scene, or multiple scenes, that grasp the main point of “why” the characters are doing what they’re doing.

I suppose length doesn’t really matter. I know writers who only plan a few chapters but still have many pages. However, my last chapter felt it was getting rather long. The action was still amazing, and it still deals with one particular scene. But the characters are scattered around being antagonized by the same creature. So, I finally decided I would write the ending section to their plight in the next chapter.

***** Chapter Ending *****

Everest never felt the next strike. In the following moments of smashing through limbs and downward air flow, she suddenly realized she was falling — fast! A crack of dry leaves and rotting wood dusted the air when she broke through the earth. A deep crevice entwined with the roots of a fallen tree trapped her in a tight squeeze. The roots ensnared her wings, with her body wedged in too far from the hard landing. She lay a moment, breathless, while her ears picked up the faint scrapes of talons clawing at the opening.

If she’s desperate enough, Everest sighed. The sounds soon stopped, and all the she could think about was how far the humans may have gone.

Welcome to No’va!

Wisdom Novels® is a series of books that follows a young magic-user trying to discover where he came from and what he is. It is a story that delves into the legend of the mythic unicorn, a forgotten race of Healers known as Lo-ans’rel, and the bird-like creatures called Harma’Keyarx. Together, they race against time to stop a growing Darkness devouring the land due to the creation of the first male, black unicorn.

It all begins with a boy… Raised in a secluded cottage, Keith has only ever known the outside world through the travels of his father. Yet that all changes when he’s forced from the comforts of his family home into a world only envisioned. Now stranded in a thief’s paradise, he begins to entwine the lives of others on a very personal and timely quest to discover the truth behind his secretive upbringing. Meet a half-breed Black Wing seeking his captive mother in the human realms in order to escape his pure-blood family; an alchemist wielding a newfound power he hopes will make him the magic-user he has always wished to be; a Healer seeking to destroy the very foundation which lead to the division of his people; and two sister unicorns – one Pure and one Dark.

Available on Amazon, Blue Moon Rising Trilogy sets the story while Red Moon Rising Trilogy is currently being written to finish it.

Book seven will be a stand alone, with Book eight as a Graphic Novel called “Nina”. You can find the beginning pages at:

Keepers VS. Healers

Types of Healers Concept

For my seventh book, I had planned for the encounter between Azrayel and Wisdom. Both are Healers at the time they meet, but I was lacking some back story to this new character. Now, I’m pleased to present Azrayel’s situation.

Azrayel suffers from a craving, having been violently separated from his prime connection with a grove of trees when he was younger. Back then, he was a Keeper. The difference between this and a Healer is the way they receive their shifting abilities.

Healers select an element and then exchange animal’s blood to receive the gift of shifting. The energy is stored directly in their blood and is affected should it become contaminated.

Keepers get their shifting abilities directly from a grove or single tree they protect. In exchange for this service, the tree produces a single fruit that is meant for its Keeper. Unlike Healers who can only receive animal shifts within their element, a Keeper may pick up other shifts outside its element depending on what animals have perished in the soil and is pulled into the tree’s root system to recycle as usual energy.

It is considered a sacred bond between a Keeper and his or her tree. The fruit that is given contains a special chemical that produces a craving like non other, and cannot be satisfied except by accepting more to eat. It also contains all required nutrients for a healthy body.

In Azrayel’s situation, there was a grove of trees that he shared with several other Keepers. Each had their own personal tree, but they were young and naive. They left their trees for long periods of time. Eventually, their trees rejected their return and produced a poisonous fruit. In anger, the young Keepers destroyed the grove. However, Azrayel had replanted his tree in the mountains, knowing that they would not heed his advice.

There’s a good way to leave a tree, and a bad way. The young Keepers eventually died. But Azrayel was cheated from his energy source when a lightning storm destroyed his tree as well. He was left with an unquenchable craving that nearly drove him mad.

It’s not until his meeting with Wisdom that he’s able to get the craving under control, and proceed with the knowledge that he may be the next Elemental Master…

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