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Sea of Thieves Trailer

Now this looks epic! I’ve always loved games that had good water graphics. From what I’ve seen, this game looks very promising with that. And with any sea adventure, there’s rumors or creatures to come. It’s a fairly new game that can be played with friends. Discover treasure, fight other pirates, take hold of your own ship, sing sad lullabies, and water out for sharks! Question is… how long can you hold your breath underwater???

AND…. the Kraken?? Is it coming? And when?!! There are recordings of strange “teaser” monster calls in the distance. So perhaps it’s sooner than we think. From only having seen a few pieces of it, this looks fairly promising.

Australian Pianist

Jonathan Ong, Austalian pianist will be performing LIVE in 30 min… let’s see if I can pitch him another song request!

When I first started to watching his channel, I decided to have some some fun… so I pitched him an original piece he was not expecting… his expression is priceless !

Friday the 13th – Impression

I remember watching some of the old Jason movies with friends and thinking how cheesy they were. When they did one in outer space, we were rolling on the floor when he knocked off this robot’s head.

“I think you better run!” No kidding!

However cheesy the movies were, the game played with online friends is actually pretty fun. Choose to play as Jason, or run around with your friends to complete the objectives in order to escape. The video below is played by John Wolfe on his YouTube channel.

I happend to catch some of his LIVE footage over on Twitch, where his friends started goofing around in the graveyard. Hilarious! Give it a watch.

Pinstripe – First Impression

This is a wonderful and fun game developed by one individual, which took about five years to complete. The voice acting is actually done with the help of popular YouTubers, such as Pewdewpie and Jacksepticeye. I love the music in the game as well. The piano is a favorite instrument of mine, and it just works so well with the feel and style.

The story unfolds as you play Ted, an ex-minister looking for his 3-year-old daughter in the depths of a wintry blizzard. As you uncover clues about Ted’s mysterious past, you start to realize that there’s more to the wintry wonderland than meets the eye. With the help of your faithful dog, you start your journey in hot pursuit of Mr. Pinstripe – to discover the truth and save your daughter.


Little Nightmares – Review


Here’s a semi-cute thriller game, played by John Wolfe  on his Youtube Channel. If you’ve ever seen or played Limbo or Inside, the storyline follows the same platform gameplay where you just keep going until the end. You have no idea where you are or what your purpose is. The puzzles are fairly simple to solve, but the mystery drives you forward.

Unlike the other two games, which chose to keep color suppressed, this one I felt offered a little more to its dark theme. The yellow slicker pops the character out among a dull, ugly crowd of grotesque and obviously gluttonous monsters. One thing catches your attention immediately – it’s all about the food. While the rest seem so plump and stuff their faces toward the end of the game, you on the other hand seem starved and advance but so far before you start craving something to eat. Meanwhile, you’re surrounded by huge chunks of meat… wherever it may come from.

I like how even though it’s a platform-type game, there’s still a 3D element to it. That way you can move around the environment and interact with objects. I love this one crazy scene where all the giants are chasing you. The developers did a good job where it feels escape is impossible. All you can do is run!



What Remains of Edith Finch


This is a fairly new game that’s been released on Steam. The story is quite different, as it’s told by the person you’re playing. She then reads the stories of her family members as they die off one by one, but you get to see how they go and play their side as well. It’s a very interesting take and there’s so much detail that you have wander around just to see everything.

I’m posting a piece of the series, played by MrKraven. He does a lot of interesting horror-type games on  his channel. I love watching people’s expressions as they game and then get to hear their opinions afterwards. It’s a nice way to see whether a game is worth buying. If my computer could handle the graphics, I’d totally get this.


Zelda: Breath of the Wild


I finally got a chance to play the new Legend of Zelda – Breath of the Wild last night.  I was at a friend’s place and together we switched off during different explorations and battles. For a first impression, the scenery is AMAZING! The battles are something else. The smaller ones that include lone campsites and creatures were cool. It did sort of ruin a moment when a sword or two shattered and we didn’t have anything else to try.  My biggest disappointment was going into my first shrine and being greeted by a robot with two swords. Let’s just say that we nearly killed it, for over an hour, but it just kept crushing poor Link! NEED MORE HEARTS!!! One hit kills, man! Move!

Now, being a die-hard Youtuber, I had watched a ton of other people play, knew the ending, all that jazz. I just didn’t know any of the controls. Let me just say that it’s very different to know what you’re supposed to be doing, and then realize you don’t even know WHAT you’re doing. First of all, the controls kept jamming for some reason. Link wold often crouch in mid-fight, or creep up against a wall and not move anywhere else. Or he would just wander around in circles. That was frustrating. We died countless times because of that!


Then there are the huge Guardians wandering around in the fields. One got trapped in a group of trees. So Link made a run for it. Can he move any faster???   I really wanted to find a horse so I could get around a little better. My friend said she used to have one, but it was being so picky where Link wanted to go that she let it loose. For the love of… WHERE’S A HORSE!!! Move, Link!!

I can see where I would need to go over more times just to get a better feel for the game. So I didn’t get very far. I really don’t think I even left a particular area. I wanted to explore so bad! Darn those mini bosses… Then, of course, I’m hearing “Oh, don’t go there, you don’t want to fight him!” Or… “I want to save that weapon. They all break in the game!” Yeah, I know. Sigh.

Paragliding is awesome, BTW.

Overall impression? I liked it. It’s really smooth looking and I love the animation and style. But I don’t think I’ll be getting it anytime soon just because I don’t have the time to invest in it. Secretly wishes I did… 

2016 August Sketchbox Reveal

For those who don’t know, Sketchbox is a monthly art subscription that delivers unique and sometimes unheard of art supplies to your door. It’s a nice way to discover new brands and test out new products. So far, I’ve been doing the Premium box, which is around $35 a month, plus shipping.

I’ve looked into other boxes, but this one serves my drawing purposes, and I just love what they send!

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