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Mierna Snippet – Concept

Book IV Snippet “The Dungeon’s Keeper”

Mierna crouched next to Troy. The vacant stone walkway above provided the perfect location to peer down at a tall figure bending over a worktable. Four arms, two of which with an extended reach, allowed him to better grab a pair of scissors across a second table while continuing to work on a clearly deceased specimen. Both Mierna and Troy crinkled their noses in disgust. Not the most pleasant of places to be in, the smell was soon replaced with a hint of rose petals. A few were sprinkled into a liquid after a rat-like creature was submerged in a tub of lavender goo. Whatever it was for, rose scent was a welcome change.

The room was cluttered with work benches and cold looking tables, their surfaces metallic and smooth for clean experimentation. Colorful trays contained a series of condensing liquids, all flowing through multiple tubes until they ended in a single drip within separate containers. Newly polished – and quite sharp looking – surgical tools had been meticulously arranged next to the main workbench in a fan formation. Finally, the tall figure lifted a dark hand. Smoke-like fingers curled in a motion someone to enter. 

“Fancy dental joint.” Troy grit his teeth. “Or else a meat packaging plant. The heck they do here?”

Mierna could feel her palms sweating at the very thought.

“We’ve another, Sir,” someone said from the doorway.

“The norm, I presume?” the Keeper cleared his station as if expecting something large.

“A púca. Attacked his Dreamer.”

“Really?” There was intrigue in that smooth voice. “Bring him in, please.”

Mierna nearly cried when two Keepers dressed in their usual white attire carried in a large bundle. A thin netting had been wrapped securely around the púca  , keeping his struggles under control. They disappeared beneath the arched walkway, then reappeared on the other side. The closer they came to the worktable, the more he struggled.

“Well, well Vlanders. I see you’ve gone and knotted your fur. What memories have you bottled up inside, I wonder? I always did say those horns would hang on the queen’s wall one day. What say you now, hmmm?”

The púca’s response was a garbled mash of tongues to Mierna, though his vicious attempts to break free continued. The Keeper, however, seemed to understand it fully.

“Pride has stained you, Púca. No matter. Let’s get you calmed down.” The Keeper briefly consulted his helper a moment before one of his long arms reached for a glass syringe. “Lucky you. The queen 

denied your immediate death, but the matter still remains. Dried flecks weep for your sins. I pity you.”

The two Keepers held the ends of the netting firmly against the table. At the sight of the long needle filling with amber liquid, Vlanders cringed in terror. His whimpers filled Mierna with worry, but Troy stopped her from getting up too quickly.

“Wait!” he warned. “He’s little more than a frightened animal. He’ll tear us both to shreds to get out at this point. Wait for them to calm him first, then we’ll make a move.”

Reluctantly, Mierna nodded. “Okay.”

“Like he said, they’re not going to kill him. That means we’ve got time.”

A sharp gasp suggested Vlanders had been pricked. Mierna averted her gaze, but Troy put an arm around her for comfort until the syringe was removed. He could see those blue-green eyes roll back as the liquid took effect almost immediately. For a moment, they seemed to focus on the two above before closing completely. The struggles ceased, and his chest rose and fell in the rhythm of sleep.

“Now then.” The Keeper waited until the netting was removed, allowing him to handle his subject without restraints. Gloved hands gently lifted each hoof to brush out any grime caught between the cloven points. He inspected the claws, which he dipped into a liquid to clear away remnants of blood – Mierna’s blood.

Still watching from above, Mierna felt lost until a tap to her shoulder turned her attention to Troy motioning for her to move across the archway. Carefully, the two crept over to a winding stairwell that connected down to the main level.

What If Darkness Wins?

I thought up another story concept that made it seem like Darkness was really the good side and Light was corrupt. I’m sure this is not a new concept in any way, but it was interesting to take my characters and place them on different sides and see where it leads. Here’s what happens…

The Story Plot

Three mages decide to better fend off Creatures of the Night and Dark energy by sacrificing themselves to create three different crystals of power. Together, they create a border of protection around certain areas. Anything on the outside of these protective borders are considered part of the Dark Realms and are hunted and rebuked by those of the Light. However, those who are guardians of these crystals found they could channel that power through smaller crystals worn around the neck. This makes it possible to access that energy and in turn make them more powerful.

These necklaces get handed down through different generations until there are a multitude of these small crystals floating around. All of them are corrupt, and because they all tie in with the larger crystals, now they are corrupt too. The malfunctioning crystals allow leaks in the borders. Creatures start to slip into the Light. It is as though the very things created to protect the people and the land are now the enemy and not the other way around. Nature itself has begun a downward spiral of unbalance, which no one seems to understand except for a handful of people.

One of which is actually a low-life creature that looks like a giant toad that has lived on the outskirts of society since the formation of the first crystals. This “toad” reaches out to a particular person, who has seen one of his friends drop into a state of greed and lust. The creature has been locked away from even Darkness itself, but once freed it weaves a tale of truth behind the crystals. Unless the people want their land to truly be protected, they need to destroy what they themselves created.

Everyone believes that the creatures coming into the Light are trying to take over. They are truly trying to stop the crystals from ruining their own land. Naturally, the hero has to destroy what people are deeming as “good” in order to stop evil.

Either way, this hero going through hell… ouch!

Seems the concept of this as I was writing was not just about Light vs Dark, but misconceived perceptions of others. Sometimes what we perceive as one thing, doesn’t necessary turn out that way. Perhaps when those three mages created the first crystals, they were under the impression anything outside the norm shouldn’t exist.

Keepers VS. Healers

Types of Healers Concept

For my seventh book, I had planned for the encounter between Azrayel and Wisdom. Both are Healers at the time they meet, but I was lacking some back story to this new character. Now, I’m pleased to present Azrayel’s situation.

Azrayel suffers from a craving, having been violently separated from his prime connection with a grove of trees when he was younger. Back then, he was a Keeper. The difference between this and a Healer is the way they receive their shifting abilities.

Healers select an element and then exchange animal’s blood to receive the gift of shifting. The energy is stored directly in their blood and is affected should it become contaminated.

Keepers get their shifting abilities directly from a grove or single tree they protect. In exchange for this service, the tree produces a single fruit that is meant for its Keeper. Unlike Healers who can only receive animal shifts within their element, a Keeper may pick up other shifts outside its element depending on what animals have perished in the soil and is pulled into the tree’s root system to recycle as usual energy.

It is considered a sacred bond between a Keeper and his or her tree. The fruit that is given contains a special chemical that produces a craving like non other, and cannot be satisfied except by accepting more to eat. It also contains all required nutrients for a healthy body.

In Azrayel’s situation, there was a grove of trees that he shared with several other Keepers. Each had their own personal tree, but they were young and naive. They left their trees for long periods of time. Eventually, their trees rejected their return and produced a poisonous fruit. In anger, the young Keepers destroyed the grove. However, Azrayel had replanted his tree in the mountains, knowing that they would not heed his advice.

There’s a good way to leave a tree, and a bad way. The young Keepers eventually died. But Azrayel was cheated from his energy source when a lightning storm destroyed his tree as well. He was left with an unquenchable craving that nearly drove him mad.

It’s not until his meeting with Wisdom that he’s able to get the craving under control, and proceed with the knowledge that he may be the next Elemental Master…

Cassundra – Character Concept

A while back I posted a character concept for Miranda Hennings. Miranda comes from Astra, but so does another who makes her journey possible into the land of No’va.

Cassundra Mayze works for the Hennings family but only as messanger girl between the surrounding villages. When she’s approached by Miranda’s father, he promises her a better life if she agrees to be his mistress. Cassundra agrees, believing that it will advance her career into a noble lifestyle. What she discovers is her freedom is limited to a mere puppet show in public while used on the side as a toy for her master’s private pleasures. Although Cassundra despises her situation, she attempts to use in order to help out Miranda. However, when Miranda catches the two together, she refuses further contact.

With their friendship ruined, Cassundra plans to run away when she notices a rolled up letter waiting in Lord Hennings’ room. When she reads what it is, she comes up with a better plan and places the letter where Miranda can find it.

The letter is from Master Shy, the newly proclaimed Grand Master of Luxor Castle. It invites various representatives from different regions to help set up a Council within No’va. 

Cassundra knows Miranda will not hesitate to leave, and soon follows. Her only hope is that one day they can renew their friendship. But first… she must not be seen…

Shape-Shifting Concept – Dragons

In a previous post, I had mentioned how dragons could possibly exist later on in the series. The question is… can a Healer take the form of a dragon if offered its previous blood as a gift?

In short… no.

The reason why is because dragons in my series exist outside normal elements. They’re not created from Nature. They were created from manipulated energy left after the destruction of the Dark Horn. It may be possible for one of the Masters to try, since they can regenerate and their energy supply is more abundant than normal Healers. But for the most part, if a regular Healer were to obtain dragon’s blood and try to shift, the magnitude of power within a single drop would not only corrupt their own blood, but kill them almost instantly.

A dragon’s blood is as black and soulless as a moonless night in the dead of winter, cold and hungry. To attempt to obtain a shift from one of these creatures, a Healer (if capable) would only be able to shift within a five minute period. Then they must purge its power from their bodies as quickly as possibly, less it steal their own life-force along with it.


“Dark One” Concept

I was thinking how Korèken, Wisdom’s youngest child, could start developing his abilities. So I came up with this little scenario…

The town of Trully is having a parade and so Wisdom’s three children, along with some other clan members, would like to go see it. Wisdom and their mother stay behind to have some “alone time” so no one’s really watching the kids because – let’s face it – how much trouble can there be when it’s a parade?

While enjoying the dancing and music, Korè gets a sensation that something’s not right and goes to one of the nearby shops to find someone about to change into the “first” Dark One. Somehow, Korè knows that his purpose is to keep the dark energy from blasting a hole in the wall, so he sucks in the power himself. They go out back and when he hands over the power to the individual, it gets blasted into the trees. This, of course, is heard from the roadside, so people come to investigate.

What they see is a person who’s freshly turned with white or light blue eyes and black hair, just like Korèken. While little Korè doesn’t especially think anything’s wrong, he starts to sense their suspicions and anger. So he runs off and is found later on by his siblings, or else by his father who gets informed that something’s happened in town.



Relic’s Keeper – Concept

Azryael turned to face the swirling mist of darkness. It too, seemed to respond by rising to meet his height, twisting in upon itself in a whirl of shapeless matter and sparks as if cutting into the slab floor. Toward the top, a notch of strange spherical impression seemed to push within the darkness whenever it moved. It was almost as if…was that a face?

“We’re not so different, you and I…” A hoarse whisper could be heard from the moving void. It expanded a moment before compressing to complete a basic human form. What stepped from that void was no more surprising than his first meeting with Christauni as a Shadow.

“Rivan.” Azryael had not said that name since the days of his crippled childhood. Rivan had been born blind, and still was by the looks of his opal gaze. “So I see the Eternal Night has become your way of seeing, just as the Light has become my strength.”

“Isn’t it funny…how we were chosen? We were the ones that no one wanted – the trash kicked aside in the streets. We had only each other then. Now, we rely on something much better.”  

“Tell me how this is better?” Azryael pointed to the men still struggling against their chains to turn the giant wheel. It was painful to hear the last of fragmented crystals crushed to dust. That was the last of the Light shards. All that remained, he carried within himself.

“They deserve their fate!” Rivan’s voice boomed, throwing off patches of darkness as he moved around him. “They misused their own source of hope. Now it’s all dead.”

“The Eternal Night is not meant to be used this way either, Rivan.” Azryael tried to remain calm. “You’ve been here long enough to know that. Destroying the Light will jeopardize life itself. We may not be in existence if you extinguish it all!”

“Perhaps it will be a new dawn for us then. Is it all that bad? As it is, I didn’t expect the Light to chose anything other than a dead object in hopes to evade me. Seems it finally got smart.” His form broke in various places to swirl and reform. It was hard to keep an eye on his movements, as the Darkness had the speed of a cobra. It would not be long before an attempted strike. Well, not smart enough. You still led it right to me. For that, I thank you.”





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