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Cassundra – Character Concept

A while back I posted a character concept for Miranda Hennings. Miranda comes from Astra, but so does another who makes her journey possible into the land of No’va.

Cassundra Mayze works for the Hennings family but only as messanger girl between the surrounding villages. When she’s approached by Miranda’s father, he promises her a better life if she agrees to be his mistress. Cassundra agrees, believing that it will advance her career into a noble lifestyle. What she discovers is her freedom is limited to a mere puppet show in public while used on the side as a toy for her master’s private pleasures. Although Cassundra despises her situation, she attempts to use in order to help out Miranda. However, when Miranda catches the two together, she refuses further contact.

With their friendship ruined, Cassundra plans to run away when she notices a rolled up letter waiting in Lord Hennings’ room. When she reads what it is, she comes up with a better plan and places the letter where Miranda can find it.

The letter is from Master Shy, the newly proclaimed Grand Master of Luxor Castle. It invites various representatives from different regions to help set up a Council within No’va. 

Cassundra knows Miranda will not hesitate to leave, and soon follows. Her only hope is that one day they can renew their friendship. But first… she must not be seen…


Shape-Shifting Concept – Dragons

In a previous post, I had mentioned how dragons could possibly exist later on in the series. The question is… can a Healer take the form of a dragon if offered its previous blood as a gift?

In short… no.

The reason why is because dragons in my series exist outside normal elements. They’re not created from Nature. They were created from manipulated energy left after the destruction of the Dark Horn. It may be possible for one of the Masters to try, since they can regenerate and their energy supply is more abundant than normal Healers. But for the most part, if a regular Healer were to obtain dragon’s blood and try to shift, the magnitude of power within a single drop would not only corrupt their own blood, but kill them almost instantly.

A dragon’s blood is as black and soulless as a moonless night in the dead of winter, cold and hungry. To attempt to obtain a shift from one of these creatures, a Healer (if capable) would only be able to shift within a five minute period. Then they must purge its power from their bodies as quickly as possibly, less it steal their own life-force along with it.


“Dark One” Concept

I was thinking how Korèken, Wisdom’s youngest child, could start developing his abilities. So I came up with this little scenario…

The town of Trully is having a parade and so Wisdom’s three children, along with some other clan members, would like to go see it. Wisdom and their mother stay behind to have some “alone time” so no one’s really watching the kids because – let’s face it – how much trouble can there be when it’s a parade?

While enjoying the dancing and music, Korè gets a sensation that something’s not right and goes to one of the nearby shops to find someone about to change into the “first” Dark One. Somehow, Korè knows that his purpose is to keep the dark energy from blasting a hole in the wall, so he sucks in the power himself. They go out back and when he hands over the power to the individual, it gets blasted into the trees. This, of course, is heard from the roadside, so people come to investigate.

What they see is a person who’s freshly turned with white or light blue eyes and black hair, just like Korèken. While little Korè doesn’t especially think anything’s wrong, he starts to sense their suspicions and anger. So he runs off and is found later on by his siblings, or else by his father who gets informed that something’s happened in town.



Relic’s Keeper – Concept

Azryael turned to face the swirling mist of darkness. It too, seemed to respond by rising to meet his height, twisting in upon itself in a whirl of shapeless matter and sparks as if cutting into the slab floor. Toward the top, a notch of strange spherical impression seemed to push within the darkness whenever it moved. It was almost as if…was that a face?

“We’re not so different, you and I…” A hoarse whisper could be heard from the moving void. It expanded a moment before compressing to complete a basic human form. What stepped from that void was no more surprising than his first meeting with Christauni as a Shadow.

“Rivan.” Azryael had not said that name since the days of his crippled childhood. Rivan had been born blind, and still was by the looks of his opal gaze. “So I see the Eternal Night has become your way of seeing, just as the Light has become my strength.”

“Isn’t it funny…how we were chosen? We were the ones that no one wanted – the trash kicked aside in the streets. We had only each other then. Now, we rely on something much better.”  

“Tell me how this is better?” Azryael pointed to the men still struggling against their chains to turn the giant wheel. It was painful to hear the last of fragmented crystals crushed to dust. That was the last of the Light shards. All that remained, he carried within himself.

“They deserve their fate!” Rivan’s voice boomed, throwing off patches of darkness as he moved around him. “They misused their own source of hope. Now it’s all dead.”

“The Eternal Night is not meant to be used this way either, Rivan.” Azryael tried to remain calm. “You’ve been here long enough to know that. Destroying the Light will jeopardize life itself. We may not be in existence if you extinguish it all!”

“Perhaps it will be a new dawn for us then. Is it all that bad? As it is, I didn’t expect the Light to chose anything other than a dead object in hopes to evade me. Seems it finally got smart.” His form broke in various places to swirl and reform. It was hard to keep an eye on his movements, as the Darkness had the speed of a cobra. It would not be long before an attempted strike. Well, not smart enough. You still led it right to me. For that, I thank you.”





Ember Isles


Ember Isles was supposedly created at the time of Meriona’s “rebirth” as a Master of Fire. One of the things I would like to to do is repaint this scene. When I think of how this scene should look when Wisdom ventures out to find him in the upcoming book five Chosen, there should be more open water and less foliage.

If I were writing that scene… maybe something as follows…


He could see a buildup of rock formations beneath the water, offering a way to step across the smooth currents to the nearest stone gazebo. Round, fluted columns rose from a reflective marble floor and tapered off at the ceiling. An assortment of pruned bushes cleanly guarded either side of the walkway as Wisdom took his first few steps under the round breezeway’s ceiling.

All sides were open to explore the ocean’s scenic view. There was not a cloud in sight, save for a slither of smoke that curled from the floor vents directly in front of him. Though not as wide as the columns, they still rose waist-high in a line of four that followed the room’s contour in a semicircle.

Are these supposed to release gasses from volcanic activity? he wondered. 


I like the way this sounds so far. Perhaps I’ll do more of these short descriptions. They’ll come in handy when I actually get to that part of the novel.

The Youngest Child

When I eventually reach book 7, Wisdom will have three children. His oldest will be Keith, named after himself because he too will be albino. The middle child, Gaily, will be human, and the third child will be mysterious and observant – a half-breed of human and Healer.

It is the third child that I will be most interested in writing: Koréken. The name and looks is in honor of Corrigan, the Black Wing that assists his father in previous adventures. But Koré is more than just a dark-haired child with pale eyes. He has strange abilities that neither Healer or humans use. What’s even stranger is his ability to manipulate the energy within someone else, but cannot use it directly within himself. He acts as a weather forecaster. Except instead of predicting weather, he can foresee the emotions or intentions behind someone approaching. Therefore, he’s able to give fair warning to flee or stay.

Koré is conservative in speech. He prefers quiet spots to enjoy reading the collections of books his father keeps in their home library.  He develops a method of touch that involves pressure points. Pressure points on the body can do a number of things, including but not limited to temporarily paralysis, muscle control,  or easing pain.

Koré is confused with another developing problem. Dubbed as Dark Ones, these are regular people who suddenly grow pale, with white eyes and black hair. Surrounding energy flocks to them and releases in such a way that it causes a mass of destruction before they’re able to learn control. But Koré  is able to help these people. By using his ability to manipulate energy, he’s able to give them enough time to learn how to deal with what’s happening to them. However, the threat of more becoming Dark Ones and why it’s happening is alarming.

It’s no surprise that many people see Wisdom’s son as a Dark One, leading him to defend his family to the point where he himself is being blamed for the outcome.


I could see a potential undead situation in the type of fantasy I write. Let’s just say that a spell goes awry and causes a mass of undead to rise, including Wisdom, long after his time had passed.

In Wisdom’s case, Nature keeps his spirit and memories intact so that when his body rises they are joined back together. I can definitely see a scene where, without those, his body would just react like a normal zombie – floundering about, ready to rip someone’s arm off until the gets his wits back.

Just a passing thought…


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