Finally Finished!

Finally finished writing the second Mierna book!


She missed being out in the barn with the horses and remembered her sister’s pony, Thistle. The little escape-artist always found a way out of his stall, so she was not surprised to see the shaggy brown and white-rumped pony grazing alongside the shed in the backyard. Even though the farm had been sold, she was still welcome to come anytime. However, it was the lot on the other side that she was most interested in and drove a little further until the road curved around. She could see men working on the roof, laying out shingles when she pulled up the driveway. She waved to them and got out to assess the progress. It was nothing fine or fancy, with enough character and space for comfort.

I’m sure Vlanders would call this ‘tiny’ compared to his home…. with wasted wall space.

The thought brought a smile to her lips since the púca adorned every inch of his home with furnishings and collectables. With a final glance around the property, she got ready to leave. As the car pulled away, she thought it odd that the shadows cast across the roof from the workers did not match one in particular. A low-hanging cloud passed overhead, temporarily covering the spot in question. Mierna waited, but once it passed the shadow was gone. After all her adventures in the Fae, she wondered if her mind was playing tricks.

“Don’t let your imagination run wild,” she scolded herself. “It’s not like anything would want to get into a halfway built house, except bugs.” She made a face, letting the car cruise down the driveway and back onto the main road. “I hate bugs.”

She never noticed the tail-end of a shadow disconnect from one of the men walking too close to the edge. It allowed the shadow to slip down the siding, extending its presence over the front porch. The door was partially opened, an invitation that could not go ignored. It hesitated only a moment before disappearing inside. Until the house was completely finished, it would wait with growing hunger.

A hunger… for revenge.

“Most non-believers will not be able to see what you can as a Dreamer. Even so, there are a… slew of beings capable of entering… if one is not careful.” He dramatically waved his hands to his words. “Remember, Mierna. The white púca was in your hometown. And that is where you’ve chosen to build. Most likely, she already knows.”

Mierna threw up her hands in defeat. “Great! I might as well have gone around shouting out my personal business and just make it easy.”

Vlanders merely giggled and made his way over to paperdoll books still laying on the table. “Not a bad way to distract someone. If there’s one thing we enjoy most, it’s a good chat!” 

He held up a cutout of a turquoise dress, eyeing the simplicity of its design. A wave of hand summoned a standing mirror to glide across the floor. 

“See what you think,” he said.

Hesitant, Mierna stepped in front of the mirror to see herself dressed in the most elegant gown. An outer layer of lace contained a stained-glass pattern that glimmered when light tread across it. Its off-the-shoulder cut was trimmed in a ruffle of iridescent lace, matching how Vlanders’ feathery quills displayed along his shoulders. Curious what her shoes might look like, she instinctively reached down to lift the front of the dress when her hand actually touched lacey fabric.

Stunned, she glanced down at the gown that had replaced her pajamas and gave a twirl, relishing the feel of it swishing about her. When she gazed into the mirror once more, she found her hair already styled so it too flowed around her face with a hint of turquoise eye makeup to match the dress. 

“You like?”

The voice was Vlanders, but it was not the faun standing in the mirror, but his human form all dressed in white. Mierna turned to face him. His princely suit was trimmed in the same design and color with hair and beard neatly combed, not wild and untamed as he often times looked. 

With one hand behind his back, he offered his other out for her. Mierna was spellbound, drawn to his handsome appearance. She lifted a hand for him to take and watched as he raised it to his lips. His eyes never left hers as he lightly planted a kiss. 

“You’re perfect.” His words made her blush until he added, “You’ll be the talk of the Fae after we finish dancing.”

Back Country Road

When Mierna gets a call to head into work late one evening, she has no choice to but to follow her supervisor’s instructions. The long stretch of highway eventually leads her into the country toward her hometown. What could possibly go wrong?

New Poetry for Book II “Mierna & the Keeper of Nightmares”

There’s nothing to compare when the company you share
Hinder those whose intentions harm without a care.
And together you believe in the place you need to be in,
A Dreamer come so far that her belief is more than reason
To understand the magic of this land and how it works.
To disbelieve is tragic, but it still contains some perks.
Think your words through carefully and say exactly as you mean.
For the Fae reacts accordingly to the power of your dreams.

Mierna & the Keeper of Nightmares

Mierna could barely blink before Vlanders changed direction. His ability to scamper up ninety-degree angles was never an issue. She had no time to consider climbing the next tier ladder before he loomed over her. At full height, he towered a good three extra feet above her.

“Mierna!” she heard Bashton climbing but knew even together they would be no match.

As she backed up against the second ladder she felt her foot misstep. Or had it? Something pressed down, activating one of the hidden levers the circus ladder had to offer. A sudden spray of water shot at Vlanders’ face, halting his advance. While he flailed his arms and batted at it with clawed hands, Mierna seized the opportunity to start climbing to the next level.

What happens when I reach the top? It’s not like before. There’re no banners to rip down. She thought about the dream particle given to her by the Keeper. How do I use it?

Vlanders was a sopping mess when the water finally stopped, but a quick shake flung the droplets from his fur. With renewed agitation, he prepared to follow the girl when a banging came from beneath the platform. A menacing growl announced his distaste in the distraction.

“Hey! Hey!” Bashton banged a fist on the metal to gain the púca’s attention.

From above, Mierna paused to check what was happening. Just as suspected, the púca’s body could not fit through the small opening that was meant for humans to safely climb between platforms. This gave some protection to Bashton, who quickly climbed through when Vlanders had had enough of his foolishness and jumped down to try another go. Bashton anticipated his next move and climbed back through the opening when the púca landed on the platform again. All of this gave Mierna more time. She knew Vlanders was swift. Combined with his magic, there was no telling what he was capable of doing.

Bashton’s game, however, did not hold the púca’s attention for long. After a few minutes of going between a sandy floor and first platform, his interest slipped back to the girl about to reach the second tier.

“He’s moving again!” Bashton warned.

She had just climbed through the opening when Vlanders struck the platform, hoofs scarring along metal walkway and causing the entire structure to shake. He almost seemed to chuckle at her bewildered expression. Yet this was not a pleasant sound she was accustomed to hearing – that most addictive giggle that put a smile on anyone’s face who heard it. Replaced with a sinister growl, he approached with confidence that she was now within his grasp.

So Where’s Novel 4?

No’va was originally changed to reflect the main character in the title a few months ago. Now it’s called Onyx.

Due to the current Mierna series, I’ve put the novel on hold for the time being to focus on getting the second illustrated book out first. Then I’ll go back and work some more on the ending o the novel. Last I wrote, the second part was complete. I read through the first half of the book and it sounded amazing. Now I need to reread through the other half and make sure it’s on the right track.

So that’s where it stands at the moment.

Started painting in Mierna, the last main character character for the cover. This is definitely a rare sight to have more than one character on paper. A few minor corrections to make on the background details and I think this is nearly complete!

The book is far from complete, though. There’s still the ending to write and several more illustrations to do before I can head into formatting everything. But it’s coming!!

The Fun House Scene

From “Mierna & the Keeper of Nightmares” – Book II

A hallway of tall mirrors reflected the purple lighting between them. Each at been arranged to guide a person through a narrow maze, which Mierna followed when there was no way to get around to the other rooms. Bizarre patterns along the floor tricked her eyes into believing she was misstepping around a corner. She caught herself in time before bumping one of the mirrors and reached out to steady herself. In astonishment, her hand passed over a painting that created the illusion of something standing in front of her. Several times she got turned around because of these illusions. In outrage, she began dragging her fingers across their smooth surfaces, letting touch guide her instead.

I don’t have time for this! Her thoughts were bitter with worry. All she could think about was finding Vlanders. She was not even sure if this was where he was located. All she knew was where the spirit had pointed, and she had followed. She felt terrible leaving Bashton behind, but with the boards behaving the way they did and the snapping tentacles from above, there was little choice.

It was no surprise when she came out the other side to find several colorful rotating tunnels. At least they looked like they were moving with the way the complimentary colors made the spirals dance before her eyes. A hint of dizziness washed over her, causing her to shut her eyes and fumble her way through that section.

Ready for the Carnival?

Screen shots for “Mierna & the Keeper of Nightmares” Book II.

Some of the sights during the final confrontation in the next book.

Sideshow Attractions
Roller Coaster

Fun House
Bashton’s Sideshow

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