The Fun House Scene

From “Mierna & the Keeper of Nightmares” – Book II

A hallway of tall mirrors reflected the purple lighting between them. Each at been arranged to guide a person through a narrow maze, which Mierna followed when there was no way to get around to the other rooms. Bizarre patterns along the floor tricked her eyes into believing she was misstepping around a corner. She caught herself in time before bumping one of the mirrors and reached out to steady herself. In astonishment, her hand passed over a painting that created the illusion of something standing in front of her. Several times she got turned around because of these illusions. In outrage, she began dragging her fingers across their smooth surfaces, letting touch guide her instead.

I don’t have time for this! Her thoughts were bitter with worry. All she could think about was finding Vlanders. She was not even sure if this was where he was located. All she knew was where the spirit had pointed, and she had followed. She felt terrible leaving Bashton behind, but with the boards behaving the way they did and the snapping tentacles from above, there was little choice.

It was no surprise when she came out the other side to find several colorful rotating tunnels. At least they looked like they were moving with the way the complimentary colors made the spirals dance before her eyes. A hint of dizziness washed over her, causing her to shut her eyes and fumble her way through that section.

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