“Shall we?” Vlanders’ steps livened, seeming to tiptoe on air. He spun into a gracious bow, sweeping a hand low in a quick-changing transformation to human. As he straightened, an opened V-neck top and black pants adorned his lean form. Not his normal color choice, Mierna soon saw why when Talia turned about with a matching dress.

Mierna’s jaw must have dropped when the two came together in an impressive but aggressive style of spicy salsa. She eyed the half-cut dress draping over one leg that lifted alongside his thigh. A firm grip allowed him to slide her along the floor, then turn abruptly and catch her from tipping the other way. They were fast. High heels thrust between his legs while he grape-vined around her in a tango combination. To help create a beat, the faeries started thumping the stone floor but gradually picked up the tempo.

Soon, Mierna began to realize the reason behind their dancing. She picked up on movements that were meant to throw the partner off-beat. First it was Vlanders out-stepping Talia, then the other way around. In all, the two seemed perfect in their performance. They clutched and spun, swayed and twirled, each trying to out-perform the other. At last, Vlanders spun Talia out but caught her hand to change direction back toward him. A heel slipped, and for a brief moment Vlanders reveled in silent victory as she fell.

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