Mierna Book2 Snippet

There came a responding snort as Vlanders stood with the breeze whipping through his mane and tail. They faced the sun rising overhead from the East. A dip of the head and they started toward the mist, toward the Tree of Eternity. Excitement welled inside Mierna to think she might see it so soon.

Vlanders eased into a canter, flicking an ear back at his rider’s enjoyment. A lip curled upward in a slight sneer, and his speed began to increase.

Mierna was acutely aware that they were picking up speed. Ahead of them, she began to make out the silhouettes of twisted limbs, although she suspected these were not the same branches from the Tree.


Mierna leaned in closer, a pang of worry ebbing into her thoughts that if they went too fast she would not be strong enough to hang on.


By the time they entered the shrouding mist, Vlanders had already surpassed the speed of a normal horse. His horns, now aglow with building power, lit the way through the sudden darkness while blue sunny skies were blotted out by the mist.

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