Chapter Snippet

We’re getting closer to the good stuff!


Jenario took deep breath to calm himself. With a nod, he accepted those words and had just given the horse a hefty pat on the neck when an owl landed on the branch above. The two men peered up at the bird, receiving a series of friendly coos. It then glided down, shifting right before landing. Once the glow of silver magic had faded, Providence greeted them with an apology.

“You must forgive me,” he started. “I would have been here sooner, but a few of our members were not fully in agreement with this plan.”

“To make an antidote?” Thomas Gracie asked. “Or do you mean helping us in general?”

“It’s a little of both, I’m afraid,” Providence said with a sigh. “If you recall Sarra. I believe she’s helped a bit in the past. She has a taken leave with a few others. They’ve gone to the Element of Water.”

Thomas Gracie had furrowed his eyebrows in concern when Jenario glanced over at him. Certain that he was thinking of taking the blame for their interaction, the alchemist was quick to add in his own apology.

“I’m sorry. It was never our intention…” But he stopped when the Healer held up a hand to silence him.

“It was bound to happen sooner or later,” was his solemn reply. “I never expected her to stay as long as she did. But I didn’t expect her to simply change elements. There’s a limit to the number of changes. Surpassing that can corrupt the blood. After that we’re forced to become what we call a Category, one without any element at all.”

“I assume you frown upon those who do?” Thomas Gracie inquired, to which Providence nodded.

“It’s rare. But it does happen.” He then turned his attention to the large draft. “The this is that I do not believe your people were an accident. Sarra did. Portals like the one you came through can be only activated by way of Nature. As I’ve explained to my clan, and to Sarra, it was Nature who brought you all here. For what purpose, we’ve yet to see. But I do what I can if it’s within my power to do so.” He glanced to Jenario. “That being said, are you ready?”

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