Story Snippet

Snippet from “Mierna & the Keeper of Nightmares”


A blinding blue-green light washed across the floor. Even with her hands covering her face, she could feel the warmth of its glow and furry body that whisked passed her. There came a thud from a well-placed kick, followed by a yelp. Mierna lowered her hands to see a white animal crash into the table, knocking over books. Claws ripped into the carpet to get a foothold before it was up and leaping off the walls back toward her. Just as quick, it was met a with another swift blow that must have knocked the wind from it. Huffing and choking on its back, Mierna stared at the distinguishable form of Vlanders towering above it with a cloven hoof pinning down his opponent.

Yet as swiftly as it started, it was over. He withdrew without hesitation, allowing the other to her feet. For a moment, the two stared each other down, horns aglow with equal amounts of power. Yet it was Vlanders’ pulsating glow that persuaded the other to back down. With a slight bow, it turned and vanished. The lights flicked back on. A click of doors unlocking, and they were reopened to their original states.

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