Changed Book Title

Book IV just got a title update!

It will now officially be called “Onyx” instead of “No’va”. The land in which the characters delve into is filled with fresh creatures and adventures, but became less important as the story was written. It’s more about how the land and its ever evolving magic, particularly two unicorns, that shape the characters into making the choices they make.

The story centers around Jenario who is traveling with three other companions on a quest for a new life. As he’s given more “gifts” from the unicorn and comes to a better understanding of how magic relates to what he needs to do, his focus starts to shift from a supportive father and practicing alchemist to a self-centered and knowledge-hungry potions and spell crafter. Friendships begin to fail, and his fiancée is forced to reconsider her options if she is to continue staying with him.

Seems like an antihero in the making. And perhaps that would be correct due to what happened to him in the last novel. It all boils down to the decisions that must be made in order to survive. However, one thing is for certain; Onyx is a much better-sounding title.

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