Bio Update

Don’t you hate it when you go back to check a website and some links aren’t working anymore? Things are constantly changing. Sites change. Data changes. Updates are made. All of a sudden…


Yup. That’s what happened. I got rid of a site and once I did, everything connected to it broke. Luckily, it was only a few links to fix. But I did end up making a new site for my ForeseerProductions commission page – see previous post.

And now the Bio Page, which I decided to use the same website to set up. Originally, I had everything on separate sites, using two different WordPress locations. One was on and the other was through But for some reason the one off of godaddy decided my server wasn’t updated enough to use it. So all my pages basically vanished!

That was crazeeeee, because I had a nice little site set up. Practically useless, though, as no one ever used it. So I just decided to rewrite the bio and set up a section using And it looks great!

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