Chapter Snippet

From No’va Book IV – Wisdom Novels® series.

Tia had just put her son to bed when she heard the men return from their meeting. A quick glance out the window confirmed the majority going to their respective homes for the evening. A slight frown washed over her face upon seeing a touch of crimson, marking the fire mage heading down the street with another beside him. Sure it was Jenario, Tia just shook her head and made her way down the steps of their three-story home. None of the buildings were permanent housing, but with the addition of furnishings, such as newly made beds, tables and chairs, it was starting to feel more like a home. Tia had even hung some tapestries on the walls to make it more appealing to the eye.

She waited a few moments before greeting her fiancé by opening the door for him. The sudden inward movement caused Jenario to slightly stumble into her arms, receiving a welcoming kiss. Outisde, Shafari grinned before departing to his own place.

Jenario let himself melt into those arms. Having not seen Tia for the better part of the day, he cherished the moment.

“Abraham asleep?” He breathed in all of her scents, not wanting to let go. The more notable smell was cut wood permeating the room from an open window. As a brisk breeze ruffled through Tia’s hair, he curled a few fingers through it and wondered when the last time they had taken a moment for themselves.

“He’d been fussy all morning,” she said softly. “I think he just missed you.”

“I’m sorry.” Jenario finally released her. “It’s been a busy week.”

“The meeting went well, I take it?”

A nod. “Thomas Gracie is quite pleased with what we’ve been able to do so far. And soon they’ll be building a harbor along the eastern shoreline.”

“For fishing?” Tia asked.

“That, and trading. Imports. Things of that nature.”

Tia scowled. “Trade with Mayla?”

A chuckle. “There are other territories that might be interested.”

“Let’s hope so, for our sake.”

“Oh! You won’t believe what Nick just told me earlier. He was impressed with the medicines I made for him.”

“Was he really?”

“Yes! Said they worked perfectly! Do you know how long I’ve been waiting to hear that? Finally, something is working right for once.”

“Let’s hope it only gets better.” Tia flashed him a proud smile. “Then…maybe…we’ll see what happens.”

Jenario stared in unblinking silence, letting her words sink in. “You mean…?” His voice sounded hopeful. “Mrs. Onyx?”

That alluring grin never wavered as she motioned for him to join her upstairs. Entranced, he followed into the unknown of love’s embrace. With the last thoughts of finalizing his family, Jenario welcomed the bliss of sleep in his lover’s arms.

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