Chapter Snippet

From Red Moon Rising Trilogy
Book I – No’va

The group was just getting settled when Jenario made it back into the unfinished section. A town square was beginning to take shape. At least it was marked by various levels of digging. It was a good size, appropriate for future merchants once the cobblestones were in place. A pile of select sizes lay next to several tiers of wooden scaffolding, which lined the fronts of the buildings down one side of the street. These were the storefronts with overhead housing options.

Jenario let out a sigh. It would be several months still before even half of the city was complete.

If only we had the ability to move stone more efficiently. The animal-drawn carts they had brought with them were not nearly as large as those back in Mayla, with more of them to tote heavy loads back and forth. Here, it took all day to break up the stones, load them, and send them to where the men were building the wall. Wooden planks were far easier to cut, but the hauling and placement part was still the same. A set of pulleys hoisted up supplies at the top of the scaffolding, and would take all day for a building’s core frame to get erected.

“Jen!” The voice of Shafari pulled him from his thoughts. “You made it back in one piece.” That sly grin. “Didn’t see any Black Wings out there, did you?”

“Well, not the aggressive type.” He caught a raised eyebrow from the doctor as he and his son took a seat close to Thomas Gracie, who signaled it was time. 

“Let’s grab a seat.” The mage indicated to a spot next to Mididus, who greeted the men with a nod. Beside him sat Lexingtons’s architect and shipbuilder, Roland and Phine. Though Phine had yet to produce his first ship since leaving Mayla, his expertise with building materials made it possible to create improved housing. 

The last two seated were Nemmerel and Nathan. Once everyone was present, Thomas Gracie stood.

“First of all,” he began, “I’d like to congratulate everyone for contributing and making this new city possible. There is much that still needs to be done. Phine,” he indicated to the shipbuilder, “has been scoping out the shores toward the east of us. Once we get enough done here, we’ll start making preparations to build a new harbor. This way we can reach out to those back at Astra and bring in imports.”

“Won’t the Council try to stop us from doing so once they learn where we are?” Nemmerel questioned, but Thomas Gracie shook his head.

“By the time we have the harbor up and running, we will have enough defenses in place. Interceptions should be not a problem. If anything, we should become totally self-sufficient and only rely on imports if necessary.”

Nathan, who sat twiddling with a dagger, then pointed it east. “And what if others decide to come here? Council or whoever?”

Their leader nodded in understanding. “If you’re referring to living here, I see no reason why it couldn’t happen. When we’re ready, we will open the ports for all. It would with additional income. We could sell property, rent out storefronts. There are all kinds of possibilities. And speaking of possibilities, many have voiced opinions about expanding to the other regions, which we will do at a later time once we’re properly settled here.”

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