Chapter Snippet

From the latest writing in No’va.. They got jokes..

The new layout of the city was going strong. As Jenario stood back to examine their progress, he was pleased to see more members gaining housing opportunities, especially those with larger families than his own. Part of the wall was now in place, eliminating the need for enchanted stones. At present, the mage could seen collecting up what was not needed and discarding them in a large basket. He had to, for no one but himself could physically move them. 

“Imagine the strength of having an enchanted wall instead of a single stone!” Shafari said when his companion approached. He picked up a smooth, brown rock and tossed it in his basket. It settled with a clink on top of the others. “Better protection.” 

“Sure, if you want a funeral every day,” Jenario teased.

“Oh, posh!” Shafari grumbled. “It’s merely a prick, a bug bite, a slap on the hand!” 

“Times how many other stones in the wall?” Jenario dodged a throw. He was all grins until the stone rolled next to another worker and tapped his shoe. It was just enough to get a yelp of pain when it zapped through the material. 

“What is wrong with you?!” came a shout.

“Oh, for the love of…” Shafari brushed past his friend in a huff to retrieve it. 

Jenario just shook his head just as the doctor came beside him. He nodded in greeting. 

“What’s the issue now?” Nickademis asked. 

“He got excited about an enchanted wall.” 

“We’d kill him,” was the doctor’s unemotional reply. 


“What was that?” Shafari returned to collecting the rest. 

“Nick was just wondering what you wanted on your gravestone,” Jenario replied, receiving a chuckle from some of the workers nearby. 


“I was thinking we could just dig a deep pit.” Nickademis tugged on his beard in thought. “Dump everything in it.” 

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