Mierna Book 2 Summary

Coming up with a second book…

It’s been several years since Mierna has last seen Vlanders. With his promise to return one day, she waits in anticipation. Both her room and office are decorated with the paintings she keeps to remind herself that what she has witnessed was real. On the eve of her first nightmare, her belief is stronger than ever. But the ones that follow start to give an uneasy feel that the puca’s return will be less than charming. She awakes to her supervisor’s phone call to head into the office. Upon her arrival, she’s bombarded with questions concerning her art, particularly about Vlanders. Fearing that her supervisor is not who he claims, she attempts to hide in a back room, but a dark substance slithers into the lock and opens the door. With nowhere to run, she prepares to fight when Vlanders knocks the man aside and grabs Mierna up into a portal. Together, they enter the Fae.

Although Vlanders keeps a world of secrets, Mierna learns through a series of mishaps that dreams are being corrupted. They are what ties Dreamers to the Fae and keeps its inhabitants secure. Without them, a Dreamer can lose belief, causing the world to cease functioning and release harmful creatures held by the Tree of Eternity. Mierna cringes at the possible thought of Incubus, along with other oddities, roaming between worlds unchecked. But something is working hard to see it done, and time is running out.

In a world where truth is often times obscure, Mierna must rely on a her own set of nightmares to help secure the Fae for future generations. All eyes are turned to the mountains of Tall Cliff, where the Keeper of Nightmares awaits their decision. 

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