Chapter Ending & When?

I get this question quite often. When do you end a chapter? How do you know when to start the next?

I tend to treat each chapter like a mini story. When I feel it has served its purpose, I go to the next chapter. Now, this doesn’t mean an actual mini story is in each one, but a fragment of scene, or multiple scenes, that grasp the main point of “why” the characters are doing what they’re doing.

I suppose length doesn’t really matter. I know writers who only plan a few chapters but still have many pages. However, my last chapter felt it was getting rather long. The action was still amazing, and it still deals with one particular scene. But the characters are scattered around being antagonized by the same creature. So, I finally decided I would write the ending section to their plight in the next chapter.

***** Chapter Ending *****

Everest never felt the next strike. In the following moments of smashing through limbs and downward air flow, she suddenly realized she was falling — fast! A crack of dry leaves and rotting wood dusted the air when she broke through the earth. A deep crevice entwined with the roots of a fallen tree trapped her in a tight squeeze. The roots ensnared her wings, with her body wedged in too far from the hard landing. She lay a moment, breathless, while her ears picked up the faint scrapes of talons clawing at the opening.

If she’s desperate enough, Everest sighed. The sounds soon stopped, and all the she could think about was how far the humans may have gone.


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