Character Trouble

What have these two gotten themselves into…


The sudden appearance of two humans emerging from the brush merely turned heads from the group of White Wings. Their once shrill whistles and chirps instantly silenced. Feathers raised around their heads to better tune in sound. They listened and watched as the humans came closer. They were still a ways off when one of them tossed a glowing object their way. A center harpy stood and pursed his lips for a single whistle. Wings opened from a fade, exposing a its creamy underside. The warning call was all he needed. In an instant, the clan was ready for flight.

The moment was short-lived as the fire sizzled out before it was even halfway across the field.

“You oaf!” Nathan shouted, prepping one of his crossbows. “You’re better off sending that dancing light you always toy with. Least that would’ve kept going!”

The two stopped running while Shafari tampered with another fireball. Nathan clicked a bolt into place and rolled his eyes at the struggling mage.

“Pathetic!” he snarled.

“It’s hard to see the orb in broad daylight!” Shafari shook out his hand and watched in satisfaction while smoldering flames churned into a spinning ball.

“If this was a real emergency, you’d be dead by now!” Nathan started his advance once again, this time taking charge with a battle yell.

In a blink, White Wings took to the skies, but they did not stay there. A formation of quick-changing flash of feathers turned the group back around. They circled the two humans in tight formation, like a deadly ring of vultures waiting for a kill. In alarm, Thomas Gracie and Roland shouted a warning to get back out. Yet there was nowhere for them to go.

In the confusion of flying feathers and shrill cries, Nathan’s bolt found a target. A White Wing crashed through the grass not far from them. She flopped around until her footage was found, but one wing dragged where the bolt had hit a muscle. It did not take long before she was able to pull it out with a furious howl.

“Now, you fool! Do it now!” Nathan grabbed the mage’s arm to prompt a throw, but the move only caused him to lose control. The flaming ball ricocheted off the ground and into the air. One Wing flew up after it, swapping it with a wing so that it came back at the mage.

“What the…?” They dived to the side as it struck between them in a fiery explosion.


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