Chapter Snippet

I’m excited to start this next chapter! I never know how characters are going to react with each other until I write it. If this were only a movie… 


A series of whistles and chirps could be heard even before they reached the edge of the brush and pulled back low hanging limbs. At first glimpse, the fields of Lexington seemed dotted with mounds of snow. It was not until one of those mounds moved that they realized the place served as a feeding location for a group of White Wings.

“All that fresh meat!” Nathan stared intently at the flock. More landed in the midst, squabbling for their share. A few feathers went flying when they were abruptly shooed away. “I’d take one of those over-sized chickens in a heartbeat! When we going on real hunt?”

Thomas Gracie sighed. “Once we’ve established a suitable location. We’ve been over this already.”

“But I’m tired of green stuff and berries!”

“As are we all.” Thomas Gracie released his limb, allowing it to swap Nathan across the cheek as it fell back in place.

“Watch it!” the Trapper protested.

“We have to be mindful still. You can’t go lugging large game about those Healers.”

Shafari pushed aside the branch to peer out through the leaves. He noted a few loose strands around the sleeve where it had snagged on some brier. It was the same along the helm where it constantly brushed against the ground. Already stains had accumulated since their travels.

“Hope we brought along a tailor,” he murmured,

“What? You couldn’t cast a spell and repair it yourself?” Nathan flicked the strands on his friend’s sleeve with a finger. “Nah! You might set yourself aflame.”

Shafari jerked his arm away with a huff. “I’ll have you know this fabric is made from fire repelling minerals. It can’t burn.”

Nathan just snickered. “You can.”



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