Love This Last Bit…

This is the ending from the previous chapter… love that last comment!


“The other Healer was very worried about you,” Jenario said.

“Sarra?” Providence waved the comment aside. “She reminds me of your mate, slow to trust outsiders.”

“And we have no magic! Well…save one.”

“Sarra only fears your lack of understanding in our ways.” There was a moment’s pause before asking, “What did happened to Jileathia?”

Jenario sighed. “She’s improving, but it hasn’t been easy. Her brother used to dabble in magic. It’s…what killed him. Ever since then, she’s feared it. Even Shafari knew better, but she hasn’t warmed up to him either. You’ve seen why.”

Providence frowned. “Fire is the worst element he could’ve picked. It requires much control, which he lacks quite a bit.”

Jenario grinned. “I won’t tell him you said that, but he’s heard enough from the rest of us to know by now.”

The sound of water hinted that they were close to camp. Providence seemed to glide across the fallen log with ease while Jenario stumbled after. When they reached the group, the men had nearly finished packing.

“Exploring without us?” one asked. “Find anything interesting?”

“Just some spiders,” Jenario answered.

“Did you squish ’em?”

Providence’s tufted ears turned back with a cheeky grin. “More like…they squish you.”


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