Book V “Chosen” introduces each of the Elemental Masters as the main character discovers why each was chosen to represent a part of Nature. In one particular scene, Master Yuri Sanssumi directs our hero down into an underwater cavern to show him the beauty and hidden dangers of the sea. As Master of Water, Yuri reveals this by giving a 360 view through cavern openings, suppressing the water from coming in while images of creatures and fish swim outside. It’s unclear whether they are actually there, until the hero tries to touch the watery windows, breaking the pressure bubble and escaping back to the surface before the cavern completely floods.



Some quick references we could see….

See the source image

I have not drawn the book’s squid creature yet. So this is as close as I could find.


  • Can grow to enormous proportions with tentacles that can trail for miles behind it. The actual “head” is just a swimming mechanism that either floats or propels through water. The real head of the creature is in one of the tentacles. There are at least 3-4 tentacles. One is tipped with poison for defense purposes, but can cause problems with other sea animals as well if they get tangled. Is usually docile unless threatened. 
  • Offspring grow up in a shielded section of swamp waters that connect with the ocean. Kha’lari young ride out on the next high tide where they swarm in large groups that look like jellyfish or squid.
  • Yuri is in charge of keeping populations in check.

See the source image

See the source image

  • King Red Shell: These bus-sized crabs are the “kings” of the ocean. They are highly aggressive creatures with an appetite to match. Their red-topped shells are tipped with spiked edges while barnacles and smaller fish ride the white underside. It has two claws, one massive while the other more for gathering food. This creature is mostly a bottom feeder, but will occasionally come up if ships are too close for comfort. King Red Shells are a captain’s worst nightmares. The closer to shore, the closer to danger their ship might be. Luckily, these crabs are not the fastest, allowing most ships to out-sail it.
  • Red Shells: As a smaller cousin to their “king”, these melon-sized crabs are the beach bombers for swimmers. One snip can remove a foot with their nasty over-sized pinchers. The same in coloration, they usually gather in clusters to feed near shore and often burrow in the sand so the pounding waves don’t carry them off. They’re fairly quick on land, but prefer to remain beneath the water’s surface.
  • A sailor’s warning, “Where’s there’s one, there’s fifty!”


King Red Shell by bonbon3272


See the source image

See the source image



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