Backtracking Chapter 2

So after writing Chapter 2 in the second part of the novel “No’va” I realized that I was leaving out one of the characters. Although we know this particular character from the first trilogy, writing him into a prelude has been interesting.

In the original books, Mididus can speak. But upon first meeting the rest of the characters, he’s younger and mute. He can only make hand signals while their Healer friend tries to interpret by reading images from his mind.

At first I merely mentioned that he was present and couldn’t communicate with the group. After I finished the chapter, I realized that it was unfair he be treated as a bystander or “expendable”. So I gave him more interactions and made the group respond to his presence in a more friendly manner.

Mididus and others like him were probably kept around only for labor. As I continue into the rest of the chapters, we will likely get more opportunities to reveal his past.


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