Completed a Chapter!!

So here’s a snippet!


Foreseeing what has, what will, and what is…does not always ensure a set path. Everything is prone to change at a given notice. Even for Foreseers. Its ability to See lies within its wings. Once removed, it cannot be restored.

Thomas Gracie watched the cat rise and stretch as though nothing seemed out of place. Its purring grew louder as it stepped over to the unicorn and rubbed up against her legs in gratitude.

“But a normal cat doesn’t really fit in.” Thomas Gracie reached down to stroke around the ears when it approached him.

Removing the ability to See marks him as such, but that does not mean his purpose ends here. It continues still, as you will find. You will have need for a agile wanderer.

“Are you suggesting I take him with me?” Perplexed, he stared at the cat in question. “How would I explain this to the others?”

Your responsibility to secure a better location will only happen once the construction of Luxor Castle is complete.


Near the Northern Mountains is a gap between earth and stone where drafts from underground vents surface every few seasons. These drafts are strong enough to lift a stone structure even over the highest cliffs. Complete this before the next uprising and you will have a secure location where Foreseers can roam freely.

“So… it essentially floats? If that’s the case, it would have to have some type of ventilation system to sustain such a force without collapsing. But how would one even build this in time? The death toll would be catastrophic if caught unprepared. Just building that great wall around Mayla took several years. And we have but few carpenters.”

Fate has a way of granting those with the desired needs. You will soon find that only one will suffice.

Thomas Gracie’s befuddled look made the unicorn snort in amusement. She shook her curly, scruff of a mane as a second Foreseer approached and sat with wings curled around its body. Like before, sparks of electricity created a spherical plain for an image to appear within. As they both watched the image of Providence materialized from silhouetted color bleeding into it from the feathers. At first the Healer seemed to be communicating with Nature while vines rose to his hand gestures. Yet something went awry and, instead of moving to his commands, struck him off balance. Baffled, Thomas Gracie could not fathom the pain he endured while various plants took hold to secure him in place. A needle-like branch rose in front of him. Right before it struck, Thomas Gracie turned away.


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