INSIDE Look – Game Review


If you ever played “Limbo” (above image) then “Inside” follows that same platform gameplay, but with a 3D feel to it. All you know is you’re a little boy running from something or someone… and what you meet along the way makes for a great gaming experience.

I bought the game for my ipad to try it out, even though I had watched others play it, and even though I knew what would happen… it was still creepy in the underwater venture and thrilling when chased! The puzzles are fairly easy to figure out, but I still think “Limbo” was more challenging in some respect. Gameplay for “Inside” didn’t feel that long as the other, and I died less times. But I still love this game! Definitely something to play over again and recommend.

And that ending…. oh my goodness! I was laughing so hard! If you haven’t checked it out yet then you must see what happens at the end. Just pure wreckage everywhere!



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