Chapter Snippet

From Current Novel

NO’VA – Book IV in Wisdom Novels® Series


Windchester was cautious, inching closer with light footfalls so as not to spook her further. Extending a hand, he laid back his ears and spoke softly in his language. The others, fascinated, watched in wonder of its meaning.

“X’int li’ap ka-ex,” he spoke gently to her trembling form, though by now he expected she was not trembling due to fright. The unnatural positioning of feathers curling beneath itself was a large indication of possible fracture. “Lo d’hess. Gui ‘ut.”

The harpy’s eyes widened with each step. His shadow nearly swallowed her in the dim lamplight when he paused. At this point, one false move could see her first strike.

“Sssss…” A long hiss breathed between dark lips. Slowly, her feathers began to pull back, almost giving her a human appearance around the face if not for the markings across her face.

Nickademis could barely make her out where the light did not touch. He could see the eyes, amber globes that flicked from one person to the next. When they fixated in his direction, he could feel a pang of cold fear ebbing up his spine. They were measuring him.

“I can heal you,” Windchester continued, switching back to Common. “If you trust me.”

Again, a drawn-out hiss answered. A crest of head feathers lifted in between strands of long hair. She sniffed the air, taking in scents from both races. “Why?” The accent came a little too thick, for when the Healer said nothing she tried again. This time, it was more recognizable.

“It is what I am,” the Healer replied. “A Healer’s duty does not rest with Nature alone. You are apart of it, Petti.”

A low growl escaped her lips. “Not the sssame. Everrrything isss wrrrong!”

Windchester opened his mind to her, allowing the harpy’s fast-paced thoughts to enter. They flooded in with along with visuals, which he sifted through to better his understanding and judgement of his next choice of aciton. “I cannot fix the ailments the way you would like. I cannot change your size, nor teach you how to hunt like your people. But I can stop the pain. I can make it so that you can fly.”


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