Yuri vs Wisdom

When I start into book 5, and Wisdom meets all three elemental masters, I thought of a concept concerning the Master of Water… Yuri. I imagine how he might react to this “underling” supposely chosen by Nature to respresent them. However, Yuri is not one to easily follow the orders of another, especially one who’s only seen two decades of existence.

What I think might ensue is Yuri constantly picking on Wisdom. Or at least make it seem like he’s doing so. Things such as holding his katana out at the right moment to trip him, or using his element to randomly splash or toss him about. All these things combined infuriates Wisdom, but out of respect he doesn’t try to challenge the Master. It’s not until he’s given a hint to learn from this Samurai warrior and return the challenge that Yuri starts to reciprocate the respect.


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