In a previous post, I had mentioned how dragons could possibly exist later on in the series. The question is… can a Healer take the form of a dragon if offered its previous blood as a gift?

In short… no.

The reason why is because dragons in my series exist outside normal elements. They’re not created from Nature. They were created from manipulated energy left after the destruction of the Dark Horn. It may be possible for one of the Masters to try, since they can regenerate and their energy supply is more abundant than normal Healers. But for the most part, if a regular Healer were to obtain dragon’s blood and try to shift, the magnitude of power within a single drop would not only corrupt their own blood, but kill them almost instantly.

A dragon’s blood is as black and soulless as a moonless night in the dead of winter, cold and hungry. To attempt to obtain a shift from one of these creatures, a Healer (if capable) would only be able to shift within a five minute period. Then they must purge its power from their bodies as quickly as possibly, less it steal their own life-force along with it.



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