Dragons. They are a frequent visitor in medieval lore and fantasy, delighting audiences on screen and in written form. In a low-key Fantasy novel, you might even catch a glimpse of one or two.

So are dragons going to show up in the series I’m currently writing?

Currently, there are no dragons planned, at least not the typical ones. I would like a sea dragon’s appearance, even if it’s one of the Elemental Masters shape-shifting. Yet, if dragons were planned for possible sighting later on, how could they be included if none exist?

Do you have a series of books already published, or came up with an idea later on after the fact? Here’s how that could work.


Sometimes in order to add a creature or two into your stories that weren’t present before is to revisit overlooked parts of the story. Is there a form of magic that you may have forgotten about? A dark cave where you haven’t explored yet? How about exploring the depths of the ocean?

I decided that in order for them to have any kind of presence in the story, there needed to be a reason why they existed in the first place. Dragons are cool for show, but do they really add anything to the story? The same would go for any other creature that may make a later appearance. For this particular series and according to how magic works, magic gets divided into two kinds – Light and Dark.

This falls back to a previous blog post of how I believed people were turning into Dark Ones. It starts with excess Dark magic that’s been neutralized – planned for Book VII. An overwhelming amount of this fluctuating magic needs to be put somewhere. So in order to take the concept further I could start introducing this manipulating energy into normal creatures, such as lizards. Perfect! Now dragons can be a part of the mix because the magic is changing their appearance and behavior patterns.

Now we can have the main character flounder about because he doesn’t know what to do, which is okay for a bit of fun and experimentation! This gives way to new creations, new areas to explore, and the occasional plot twist or something that helps in story developing.



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