Next Chapter Opening

Nickademis scraped a stick across the bottom of his shoe. It was the third time stepping in droppings, and from the looks of the tall grass rising in front of them he was certain there was more hidden within.

“I hate travel.” His muttering amused his companions. He held up the stick to examine bits of discolored pebble-looking food items stuck in between moist brown. In disgust, he flicked it away and proceeded to jab the heel of his boot into the dirt.

“I’d have taken that over what I’d seen trying to cross an ocean.” A curly-haired individual paused alongside to observe his actions. “Ain’t nothin’ compared to what you see coming at ya from the deep.”

Nickademis sighed and checked around at the others. Five accompanied, one of which was the Healer Windchester. Golden eyes flashed his way when a ray of dimming sunlight shone upon them. The fox-haired Healer had led them the better part of the day on the outskirts of Sapphire. The air had felt humid on the north side, where Windchester claimed swampland created its climate. They could see where naked stalks marked the beginnings of that territory, but made sure to avoid going in it.


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