Rezi Mage & Staff

rezi_mageLast night I watched this young man paint LIVE on Twitch. While he worked he was chatting with his community of online viewers, and I noticed he had this silver rod with the letter “S” at the tip. This, he would use to rest his arm on while painting. I had never seen one like it, though I’ve seen artists use wooden ones.

I then told him to smile at the camera. He did, of course, with suspicions that I was up to something. When I showed him what I was doing, he liked it. So I’m going with a “mage” theme here with his painting rod as a staff. Maybe I’ll have multiple colors coming off of it. Or perhaps I’ll have some of his marvel characters float up in the smoke. I’m totally going to have some fun with this!

You can see the process here on my Twitch channel. He was listening to various (may contain strong language) music and speaking while I worked.

Watch LIVE on my Twitch Channel!


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