People love the internet, so much that they take it with them wherever they go. Tablets, phones, iPods – all of these inventions make it possible for us to connect… and be connected to our family and friends. We can even go to certain channels and view pre-played games so we know their endings. The same can be said with movies. We all love to know the ending, right?

What if we knew some of these “endings” in real life? What if, once we connected to our Bluetooth device, that it enabled the internet to pre-hypothesize how our daily routines went? It might have some positive influences, such as knowing whether your boss will agree with your presentation on how to budget, and what better solutions to come up with beforehand. Or maybe that kid who wanted to take certain medications to get a high – how would that all end? A blackout behind the wheel? Jail time? What if he could determine the best way to avoid all that and decide not to take it? How about choosing between a bad proposal and a good proposal for your future spouse? Avoiding a wreck? Passing an exam at school?

All of these could be achieved if we knew a few simple endings we could pick from. We could get so caught up in “choose your daily life” story that it’s ALL we do. You do it now. The problem is disconnecting. Because you can’t. You don’t know what will happen if you do. Others will know. The internet will show them. But by then it will be too late for us all.

If we let artificially intelligent devices “pick” our next move, then where would the surprise be in life? Everyone would already know if you’re having a baby. Everyone would already know about the planned birthday celebration. Everyone would already know about the proposal for marriage, or that job promotion, or whether someone’s robbing a bank.

The ending has already been chosen. YOUR ending has already been chosen.


It can’t read your thoughts if you . . . . . 



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