I was thinking about this scene between the three Elemental Masters and the Dark Horn. Because Wisdom has such a rough time with them at first, he leaves out of frustration. But soon he realizes that he cannot give up so easily. However, when he returns all the Masters have vanished. Toward the north, he hears thunder and realizes they’ve foolishly gone up against the Horn’s storm.

Hastily, he goes to warn them but finds they’ve already engaged in battle. But something’s wrong. The storm is raging around them. They’re not even fighting a dark unicorn. They’re fighting themselves.

Before Wisdom can stop them, the storm drains part of their energy. As Wisdom tells his fiancée later on, “Something was taken from them.”

The concept behind the fight is when the Masters go looking for the darkness, they don’t even know what they’re supposed to fight against. So when they go up against the storm, it starts pulling on their pride. It fills their minds with negative thoughts until they turn on each other. Whereas before, they each became their own element, now they must somehow be near or carry it with them. This is the ability it stole from them.

And now it plans to use it in the final battle.


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