Here’s a semi-cute thriller game, played by John Wolfe  on his Youtube Channel. If you’ve ever seen or played Limbo or Inside, the storyline follows the same platform gameplay where you just keep going until the end. You have no idea where you are or what your purpose is. The puzzles are fairly simple to solve, but the mystery drives you forward.

Unlike the other two games, which chose to keep color suppressed, this one I felt offered a little more to its dark theme. The yellow slicker pops the character out among a dull, ugly crowd of grotesque and obviously gluttonous monsters. One thing catches your attention immediately – it’s all about the food. While the rest seem so plump and stuff their faces toward the end of the game, you on the other hand seem starved and advance but so far before you start craving something to eat. Meanwhile, you’re surrounded by huge chunks of meat… wherever it may come from.

I like how even though it’s a platform-type game, there’s still a 3D element to it. That way you can move around the environment and interact with objects. I love this one crazy scene where all the giants are chasing you. The developers did a good job where it feels escape is impossible. All you can do is run!



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