Outline Chapter Style

This is what a typical outline looks like while writing a chapter. Although I have a general synopsis, I usually build the outline as I write. So the one I’m currently working on looks something like this….

I’ve started to include pictures, which helps with description. Sometimes I keep in links that I find so if I need more information, it will go directly to that page.

It’s interesting to note that although I write fiction, most of the herbs that are includes in the story will be real, save for Falconberries – which is totally made-up.

PART TWO – Illusionist

– Thomas Gracie sits down with his companions and various others staring at a crudely drawn map. The map marks out areas where people have expressed interest in living. Some of them do not care for city life because now they want something different. It seems that many do not care for another Council leadership either, as they had a belly full of it back at Mayla. Thomas Gracie (or someone else) suggests that if they all go their separate ways, why not come up with their own governing group? All they need is a set of rules and then it be up to them to apply them. This makes the people happy.

– Jenario notices that Thomas Gracie has been taking notes ever since they arrived in No’va. When asked about it, Thomas Gracie says he’s keeping track of the different creatures they come across. He doesn’t have many, but he’s certain there will be more when the people spread out. He doesn’t realize that Thomas Gracie is also keeping tabs on him as well, as predicted by Osha.

– Providence suggests that each group take a Healer with them so they leave the forest with no Black Wing encounters.

– Thomas Gracie and many others are eager to start building their own shelters and leave the Healers to their own clearing. Each of the companions agrees to check out certain locations. Roland is an architect who is eager to work on the new city idea. They’ll make the city walls friendlier within but safe from outsiders.

– After Jenario leaves the meeting, he starts noticing random colors surrounding some of the Healers, especially when they use magic for shifting or other tasks. In puzzlement, he questions them, but none of the Healers understand what he means, or even what he sees. It’s not until later when Shafari does something that he begins to understand what’s happening. Jenario starts recognizing positive and negative magic. At first, he’s worried. Then excitement starts to overwhelm him, and he realizes that this was what the unicorn must have meant. This makes him want to dabble in alchemy once again. He then goes out to collect herbs for possible use when he comes across another moss dragon. However, instead of feeling afraid, he finds it more curious about him and he’s able to touch the tip of its snout.

EDIT (Jenario starts discovering his ability to “see” magic)


(Image is in reference to what Sapphire’s swampland could look like)

– Ettotu’s Glade is centrally located between Lexington and Sapphire. So the groups can probably reach the locations within a few hours. Trully is about a day and a half. So Nick’s group will take provisions. There are no pathways and no roads to follow. They rely on the Healers and a hand-drawn map to show the way to each location.

– After the groups are assigned, Jenario prepares to head out with a few selected travelers. He’s thankful Providence is going in his group so he can tell him about the unicorn encounter. Providence explains that unicorns grant favors, and that she’s probably given him something that will enhance his alchemy skills – from finding plants to performing the actual task itself of breaking down the ingredients or even developing successful potions.

– Jenario is excited and wonders what “gift” he’s been given. As they pass through the clearing he starts to notice more glowing colors around the Healers, and soon Providence himself starts to give off certain bright colors that only Jen seems to see.

– When they reach the swamp, they’re disappointed because it just seems like a typical gloomy swamp. Providence chooses not to fly because he says the moisture in the air will weigh down his feathers. This is good because no Black Wings will come here. After roaming around the muck for a while, Jenario discovers an “island” in the center where green grass and trees actually grow. He finds loads of ingredients to start up his alchemy and for Nick. Providence even suggests that although it may be gloomy on the outside, the island would make a good location for shelter.

– Jenario is not sure about what Tia might think. Sunlight does come down upon the island, and there is enough forest to block out the view of the swamp.

– At one point something bubbles out of the muddy water when Jenario feels like he’s broken through something below. Out pops several harpy-demons. Their bat-like appearance and hairless bodies easily dive through the air and back through the water. Moisture does little to hold them down. Providence tries to protect the others, and Jenario catches more of his colorful magic during the conflict. (this might be when they discover the island).

– When they return to the clearing, Jenario cannot wait to start using his new pestal and mortar with all the ingredients he’s found.Tia is happy for him at the moment. The clearing looks bare with most of the people gone. Jenario starts taking notes about his alchemy. This is when he really notices the different color swirls when he attempts potions. He starts to tell the different between positive and negative colors.

POTENTIAL SWAMP HERBS – This is while Jenario is exploring the swampland of Sapphire

Skunk Cabbage – roots uncooked are toxic and can burn the mouth if consumed raw. Cooked leaves have medicine value, good for added flavor in soups. Has a pungent smell when the leaves are broken off.

Eastern skunk cabbage has leaves which are large, 40–55 cm (15.5–21.5 in) long and 30–40 cm (12–15.5 in) broad. It flowers early in the spring when only the flowers are visible above the mud. The stems remain buried below the surface of the soil with the leaves emerging later. The flowers are produced on a 5–10 cm (2–4 in) long spadix contained within a spathe, 10–15 cm (4–6 in) tall and mottled purple in colour. The rhizome is often 30 cm (0.98 ft) thick.
skunk cabbage




This is how my notes are displayed….


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